The Japan Sharehouse Association have turned their attention to the ageing society and has announced the opening of a multi-generational share house aimed at active seniors.

With the concept of a ‘third home’ for the active senior, the house has been developed as a place to promote interaction with young men and women through a shared living lifestyle, a new kind of ‘old age home’ that doesn’t rely on subsidiary aid.

【Basic Concept】
①An adult share house for those aged 25 and older
②Health is the theme with health promotion through small-scale exercise establishment Machikado Health Club Kichijoji and preventative care measures.
③Plans to help growth of communal earnings in various business sectors
④Establishment of Works Kichijoji, a local cleaning business.

【Property Summary】
Name: Libest House Kichijoji (28 rooms)
Address: Tokyo-to, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji, Azumacho 2-chome
Proprietor: Libest Management (Musashino-shi, Kichijoji, Honcho)
      Japan Sharehouse Association・Branch Manager Mitaka
Open: January 10, 2014

【Press Release】
The birth of a new type of sharehouse for the aged! Multi-generational sharehouse for active seniors to open in January, Japan’s first “Home + Sharehouse” brand new model house to open in Suginami in March

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While you may think that shared living is just for the young, sharehouses are gaining attention in this ageing society as places where people can meet others of all ages and walks of life and to share stories among generations.

I hope there are more places where young men and women of today can benefit and learn a lot through living with the older generations they don’t usually have much contact with.

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