Oak House has announced a service at Comfort Kamata, Japan’s largest sharehouse housing 260 people, where tenants can undertake lessons from Filipino language school teachers at a reasonable price while living in the house.

This service is a collaborative project with Filipino MBA Language School. The project was created to fulfill both parties needs, with Oak House placing great importance on social activity and the MBA Language School, which supports adult study abroad programs targeting working adults in the Philippines and Cebu Island, to provide a traineeship in Japan as a reward for the most hardworking and well-liked teachers as well as to provide an even better service.

【Course Outline】

①50-minute lesson
② 1 lesson = 500yen for tenants, 1000 yen for non-tenants
③ All lessons are one-on-one
④3 professional English conversation teachers
⑤ Choose a level that suits you from beginner to advanced
⑥ Period: January 24, 2014 (Mon) ~ February 1 (Sat)
⑦Lessons are for Comfort Kamata and Oak House tenants

【Press Release】
500 yen per lesson! A sharehouse where you can learn! Experience what it would be like to study abroad in Japan’s largest sharehouse with 260 people!

With globalization language ability in English is becoming a necessity. Many people long to study overseas, yet are worried about costs and the length of exchange programs. I have heard that there is an increasing trend for people to choose the Philippines over western countries as their study abroad destination, where the costs are less and the quality of the teachers is high, so it is great that there is a sharehouse to introduce people to these opportunities. I hope to see more sharehouses for learning in the future.。

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