In a shared house, it goes without saying that you should try not to disturb the other residents. After all, you are living together!

This can be achieved by cleaning up public areas after use, sorting out your garbage for recycling,and keeping noise to minimum. Try to think, “Would I like it if the other residents didn’t do this?”

When renting a property by yourself, it is possible to freely invite family, friends and partners over. At shared houses, however, you may be required to get permission before inviting others to your room or even allocated days and times when it is permissible to do so.

On weekends or your days off, you might want to have some fun, “me” time. But what about the other resident who works a night shift in a service industry? You may unintentionallydisturb that person’s sleep…On the other hand it may be possible to set rules among stresidents to cater for each other’s particular circumstances. Why not be flexible enough totalk with other residents about in-house rules and rules between residents?

Since there are both men and women living under the same roof, you may find residents falling for others in the shared house. It is probably natural for love to blossom in the house,but you still need to consider other resident’s feelings . It would be no fun living in a shared house if this has been banned due to other couples in the past having annoyed residents inthe house with their behaviour.

Take responsibility for your own valuables! You might find yourself in unnecessary trouble with another resident if you carelessly leave your wallet in a public area. It would be a realshame to form bad relations with other residents as a result of this kind of incident. Try tohave respect for others and get along with them…

You may think these rules a pain, but by living together, mindful of each other’s values and life styles, living in a shared house will give you a great opportunity to sample a lifestyle youwouldn’t experience living by yourself.

You may even develop a little yourself thinking about why these rules are necessary or how it is possible to create some new rules in order to make shared house life more fun.

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