A place you’ll love to come home to: Ariyaroom.

This time around we visited Ariya House Takinogawa. The manager, Mr. Ariya, is from Tehran and has spent a considerable amount of time living in London.

AriyaRoom started in 1997 when these places were known not guest or share houses, but a ‘Foreigner House’s’.

Shared living in those days wasn’t quite so clean, and there were many houses in which the food you put in the refrigerator would be eaten or you couldn’t watch your favourite television show freely. AriyaRoom was created to combat this and provide quality shared living environments for tenants.

Not wanting others to experience the horrors he had gone through, all rooms in this house are designed with floorboards in order to maintain a certain cleanliness and are furnished with a refrigerator and television.

This is the first time our site has featured a property run by someone of foreign nationality, and Mr. Ariya’s share house really understands the needs of others even more so than the Japanese. I hope the warmth of this house is conveyed through our article today.

「Ariya House Takinogawa」House Details Page

Living &Kitchen

The living room and kitchen in the center of the house. It seems like a place in which housemates can come together and get to know each other as the days pass. There is plenty of space for 6 tenants to live in and is looked after very well on the maintenance front.


The subdued, grey wall of the exterior. The house is a 4-minute walk from Shin-Itabashi station on the Toei Mita line and is located in a quiet residential area so you could live here without any worry. You will be happy to know that there is also space to park your bicycle.

The exterior of AriyaHouse Takiganogawa.

On the way in there are some garden shrubs. The mailbox has the house name written on it.

This lantern shines softly at night.

The front door.

Stepping inside we find plenty of space to store shoes.

A shot of the front hallway from the living room.

A video intercom to check who is at the door.

This is the common area.

The counter and bar stools can be used as a cooking block, also.

A different angle. The shelf at the back on the right are individual storage boxes for tenants.

Complete set of kitchen appliances.

Here is a small portrait of Mr. Ariya that conveys his friendly persona well.

The standard kitchen. It has been kept very cleanly.

Heading towards the back of the communal area we find the bathroom and laundry.

The washing machine and dryer are free to use.

There is a tub in the bathroom.

The toilet.

It’s a Japanese-style toilet with a washlet.

Let’s head on up stairs.

A shot from the top.

There is also a video intercom installed in the 2F hallway.

The 2F hallway.

There is a communal balcony on the 2F. Great for tanning outside on sunny days.

A pink-wallpapered room on the 2F.
With such large window it gets a lot of sunlight.

There is a refrigerator with freezer and LCD television in the corner.

The room is also furnished with a computer desk, chair and closet.

In this particular room there is a private verandah.

Mr. Ari paying attention to small details while showing me around the property, which I thought was great so I snapped this shot.


There aren’t very many properties that maintain that at-home feel even after they have been renovated. AriyaRoom makes sure that tenants are having a great time and that there are no problems with Mr. Ariya looking after the property himself. (While Mr. Ariya didn’t say so in those words exactly, I personally felt it so and took it upon myself to write it into the article!)

I can understand how such a warm community has formed within these walls with Mr. Ariya always around with his cheerful smile looking after them as if they were family.

Oh, and Mr. Ariya also does Japanese translation work so he speaks with great fluency, and he also employs Japanese staff so enquiries can be made in Japanese.

/Author: moriyama

Ariya House Takinogawa
House DetailAriya House Takinogawa
Area Tokyo-To, Kita-Ku, Takinogawa
Rent -
4 min walk from Shin-Itabashi Station
Condition Female, 年齢制限あり

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