“Invisible” value broadens the possibilities of sharehouses

“Room share” developed due to overcrowding in the cities of various western countries. In recent years there have been all sorts of sharehouses cropping up in cities around Japan and the amount of people enjoying this new, refined lifestyle has increased.

I feel that such sharehouses have attracted a lot of attention as places where new possibilities can be created.

The main reasons people are choosing to live in sharehouses are most likely due to the advantages of not being alone and being able to live in an area you’ve always wanted to live in without breaking the bank.

That said, it is exactly because this lifestyle is becoming mainstream for many people that
the appeal of its ever so conceivable possibilities has begun to take hold. The communal areas of a house can be used in a variety of ways, from using it to hold events, or as a workspace to get together with like-minded friends working towards their dreams.

A lifestyle working together with good friends is just full of possibilities to create something new, to share values and to communicate with others.

Furthermore, part of the appeal is that by interacting with local residents through things like house vegetable gardens and holding group events, tenants are able to communicate not just with other housemates but broaden their circles to include those outside the house around them.

There may be people out there who think that sharehouses are a temporary fad, however there is no doubt that there still exists countless possibilities yet to be seen from sharehouses, and that includes things like local community interaction and cultivation.

It’s a lifestyle in which business possibilities abound and friends don’t just live together, they work with each other to make them into reality.

This way of looking at things is the future of sharehouses, and will become an important factor in creating even more possibilities.

You may be of the opinion that sharehouses aren’t the only places people can meet others, however a share house is a place where people live. It’s not a workplace, nor is it a student dormitory. It’s a gathering of people outside of their usual interests, sharing a house and their lives, and magic is sure to occur amongst the connections and ideas born there.

It’s not about the physical value of cutting costs, it’s about the great community within in which comments such as “Hey, wouldn’t this be fun?” are thrown about with each other without a second thought.

Sharehouses are becoming increasingly attractive places to live, and I will continue on working in this field with a sense of excitement.

Author / Moriyama
As founder and CEO of Tokyo Sharehouse, I aim for a society in which we can freely connect with the world and everything in it. I believe there lies hidden many free and enriching, interesting stories to be told in this world and want to set about discovering them for the everyone to share.

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