Meeting people and experiencing the world enriches one’s life

For a person to suppress personal growth is like saying they don’t want to be happy.

I’m sure everyone can remember reading something like that before, and I strongly empathize with this way of thinking.

There may be people who start sweating at the mention of the words ‘personal growth’ , however by mastering the art of enjoying life as a journey and positively taking in everything around you not only will you be able to do things you want to do, the things you encounter and the people you meet become very valuable experiences leading to such personal growth.

Living life travelling around the world would be ideal, however aside from those lucky enough to be able to do so, this just isn’t possible.

If we think about it that way, wouldn’t shared housing be one of the best ways to enjoy life in a more familiar environment?

Many different people live in this world and everyone has their own story. Through shared housing, you are able to meet and talk to people you wouldn’t usually come in contact with. In this way you will invariably gain a deep understanding of another’s character and sense of values.

You will surely be continually meeting a great variety of different people, more than you could ever imagine.

Aspiring artists, musicians, people who dream of opening their own businesses - by being a part of these people’s journey and the future they are creating you enrich your own life. The accumulation of such experiences adds a kind of depth to your life.

While it may seem as though these kinds of experiences happen all the time, in actual fact they are hard to come by in our normal daily lives.

The people you meet in share houses become close friends on a whole new level, but of course since you are not bound by blood as family are, in most cases there comes a time when you must say goodbye. Then you meet and make friends with new people. Life goes on.

In this way meeting others and experiencing the world is an important way to enrich your own life. This might sound strange, but by living in a share house you just might realize how minor your own problems actually are.

The dreams and lifestyles of everyone you meet are all completely different. Everyone is unique. Respect these individualities and you may be freed from your own inhibitions and way of thinking. The minute the weight is lifted off of your shoulders you will able to go anywhere.

By living in a share house you learn to find excitement in things - new encounters, environments and challenges are not ‘nerve-wracking’ but ‘exciting’. You master the journey of life. Because that is where I believe there is happiness to be found.

Author / Moriyama
As founder and CEO of Tokyo Sharehouse, I aim for a society in which we can freely connect with the world and everything in it. I believe there lies hidden many free and enriching, interesting stories to be told in this world and want to set about discovering them for the everyone to share.

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