A languid life shared between 5 people in luxury

An exciting lifestyle or a relaxed lifestyle. At first glance these two ways of living might seem opposite to one another, however it is possible for them to coexist depending on time, place and use of space.

However, it is said that for this to happen there must be a wide, spacious area in which to implement such an extravagant plan.

That’s where WHITE HOUSE Sakuradai comes into the picture, a female-only sharehouse 7-minutes walk from Sakuradai station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line. The house and characteristic garden is quite large with 21.43m² of shared living and gallery space, as well as a comfortable dining area to enjoy meals and cooking, the perfect place to divide your time between exciting events and relaxing times depending on the occasion.

It’s a place where you can organise events or home parties, exhibit works or hold workshops, to let your hair down a little more and really relax. It is the very epitome of luxury.

Without further ado, let’s have a look inside the house!!

「WHITE HOUSE Sakuradai」House Details Page


A white-colored residence nestled in lush greenery

The house itself is quite large, as is the garden surrounding it. It’s rare to find a property in the city with such luxurious lot size.

The Japanese-style garden calms the mind of those gazing upon it.

With the outdoor furniture you can enjoy a BBQ with everyone on a sunny day.

Let’s step on inside. Here is the front hallway.

The lounge brings about a retro-chic ambiance reminiscent of the Showa period

The communal lounge boasts 21.43m² of space, almost too much room for the at most 5 tenants of the house. The sofa is relaxed in color and extremely comfortable to sit in.

Here is the dining area furnished with a table and chairs. The chandelier-like lighting oozes elegance.

Towards the back of the dining area is the kitchen, with plenty of space to move around as you can see here.

A variety of events can be held in this lounge.

With such a spacious loungeroom you can plan and hold events like home parties, art exhibitions and even workshops.

It’s only a matter of time before the lounge is brightened up by even more homemade works created here in this very house.

There is also a projector screen available to use for events, as well as enjoying a movies with housemates.

This dining area is a place to enjoy food in comfort with friends.

Enjoy your favorite drop whenever you please with this wine cellar.

The kitchen.

Cook on one of these 3 induction stove burners.

There is storage space for electrical appliances and a spare refrigerator at the back of the kitchen.

The bathroom and washstand.

The bathroom. There is also a bathtub for a good old soak.

There is also a washstand on the 2F.  

The relaxation room. How about spending a little time in heaven with a full body or reflexology massage in this beautifully scented room?

A lineup of beauty products.

The toilet. 


Private rooms with up to 13.24㎡ of space

The rooms, quite like the lounge, offer enough space to comfortably relax in. All rooms are corner rooms with great natural lighting and there is no need to worry about noise. (1A)

Room 1A isn’t just spacious, it also has a lot of storage space.

You can also open the curtains to gaze upon the garden before you.

The 2F hallway.

The look of Room 2A.

Storage in Room 2A.

Room 2C.

Managing WHITE HOUSE Sakuradai is Team Sukima Japan. They create houses by developing thoughts and ideas that came about through their own experiences living in sharehouses, such as what would make a better house or what would make things even more fun, and after seeing this house’s spacious lounge and its private rooms, we’re sold on it.

Even though you might want to live in a relaxed, comfortable place, you still want a little bit of excitement and extraordinary experience that you don’t get a taste of in everyday life. You want to be able to divide your time between excitement and relaxation like an ON/OFF switch. If this sounds like you, then this house is your ideal place. 

The company has opened another house in Asagaya, with a ‘secret hideout’ concept, simultaneously with this one. It is filled with figurines of popular manga characters and just being there makes your heart skip a beat and takes you back to your childhood. Tenants can even enjoy movies on a 100 inch screen in the co-working area. If you are interested please check out this link→http://tokyosharehouse.com/jpn/house/detail/773/

Putting yourself in such a big environment is quite strange as it causes changes to your mental state, which is a relatively positive thing. Today’s house, WHITE HOUSE Sakuradai, with its characteristic large garden and living space, allows its residents to relax and find peace of mind.

/Author: Kagawa


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