Live in Azabu, the town where everyone desires to be

Azabu has long been appreciated as hidden, affluent neighborhood of the wealthy.

When we found out that a share house would open in Azabu, and what’s more, that there would be a grand opening party, we wasted no time heading over to do a shoot.

Everything found in and around the house oozes class, very much as one would expect of a share house in Azabu.

Azabu is connected by the Namboku, Toei Ōedo and Hibiya train lines, and the ease of access is one of its drawing cards as it is possible to get to almost all of the major stations within 20 minutes, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo.

Now then, onto the introduction!

「CLASSICO Azabu La Casa」House Details Page

A 5-minute walk from Akabane-bashi station. The 6th-9th floor of this brown building, standing in a relaxed neighborhood in the middle of the city, is the share house we are looking at today, Classico Azabu.

Taking the elevator up to the 8th floor and stepping into the lounge, we find the staff busy with preparations for the party and the house.

The staff member preparing the food hails from Vietnam. He is making fresh Vietnamese spring rolls.

The management team are setting up around the house .

Let’s have a look around the house as management continues with the event preparation. This is the lounge. The house consists of communal space on the 8th floor with the 6th, 7th and 9th floor being mainly private rooms.

The lounge from a different angle. A kitchen island design is convenient for when people want to cook at the same time. It’d be fun hanging out and making good food together.

Incidentally, this house comes equipped with a water cooler. It’s quite a luxury to always be able to drink such delicious water, and of course it’s free.

A coffee machine and coffee beans are also provided. Enjoy drinking coffee with everyone that has been freshly brewed with crystal clear water.

There is a brand new communal computer in the lounge. A printer has also been set up, handy for those times you need to look up or print out something.

Here is the theater space. A special cinema for the residents furnished with a comfortable sofa and large screen television.

The front hallway. The atmospheric wallpaper and full-length mirror adds a touch of class.

Let’s now head down the stairs to the 7th floor.

But before we do, have a look at the chandelier hanging above the staircase. The contrast of the white and red is stylish without being over the top.

This is one of the rooms on the 7th floor. Fully furnished and ready to move into even with very little luggage.

One feature of the house is that many rooms open out onto a balcony. You can enjoy the cityscape from out of your very own window.

This is one of the rooms on the 9th floor - the executive floor. A stylish room almost reminiscent of a business hotel. 。 Incidentally, the chairs on this floor in particular are all like those that a company president would sit on. You might end up wanting to sit down in these comfortable chairs and work at your desk all day.

Heading to the rooftop you are met with a wide, spacious area. Great for outdoor meals. And that red structure you can see at the back is...

You guessed it - Tokyo Tower. There aren’t many places that give you such a beautiful view of Tokyo Tower like this. Although it has recently been surpassed by the Sky Tree, it’s greatness is still a sight to see.

At night you can see the light-up with this much intensity. At the time this photo was taken the tower was lit up with the year ‘2020’ as PR for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics bid. You will never get tired of looking at it because the illuminations change periodically.

The food and party preparations are finally complete.

What an extravagance to sit down to a meal gazing upon such magnificent scenery.

As the starting time draws near people begin to arrive one by one.

Heading back to the lounge I find that the others, unable to wait any longer, have already started the party. 。 It would be quite difficult to wait while looking at all of the delicious food and alcohol in front of you.


Our coverage of the party ends here just us things starts heating up. Starting during lunchtime, it apparently went on all afternoon until nightfall.

Managing this house is Classicompany, who takes care of other properties in convenient locations less than 10-minutes walk from nearby stations within metropolitan Tokyo. As we mentioned earlier there is a also a non-Japanese staff member so non-Japanese tenants should feel at ease.

The area around the house is quiet and relaxed, however with a supermarket just a 1-minute walk away it’s a very convenient lifestyle. You can also get to Roppongi and Ginza in a heartbeat by train, which helps in taking the hard work out of deciding where to spend your days off.

There are also many ways to entertain yourself without setting foot outside the house, such as drinking with your housemates while watching a movie in the theater room, cooking together in the spacious kitchen or just enjoying the ever-changing view of Tokyo Tower.

Those adults looking to indulge in a stylish yet relaxed, accessible area of Tokyo who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for rent may very well find what they are looking for right here with this house.

Don't you just want to live a glamorous, grown-up life in Azubu, too?

/Author: Sekino

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