Firstly I’d like to say thank you to our readers for always visiting the site.

We revamped http://tokyosharehouse.com today (11/25/14).

This is our first ever site overhaul since we went live, and we’ve organised data and updated the design taking into consideration ease of use, functionality and simplicity of layout in order for visitors to quickly find houses they are interested in. In updating the site we asked many sharehouse managers question after question and received valuable comments from their point of view, allowing us to implement the new configuration. I would like to take the time here to again thank everyone for their cooperation.

That said, there is still much room for improvement of the site and the way in which we convey the appeal of sharehouses. If you are currently living in a sharehouse, or are thinking about living in or managing one and you have any opinions or advice on what you would like to see included on the site or how we can make things easier for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know at info@tokyosharehouse.com.

We may not be able to implement every single idea, however we will endeavor to improve areas in which we are lacking in order to create a site that pleases as many people as we possibly can.

We will continue in our efforts hoping that shared living will be the catalyst in creating new encounters and interactions.

Tokyo Sharehouse LLC
CEO Tetsuro Moriyama

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