Spacious rooms near a train route connecting two popular areas

People want to really enjoy themselves after work and on the weekend.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are thinking that if they are going to live in a share house, they would want to have the best time possible in an exciting environment. Everyone craves to reduce the work or school commute, and in turn spend time getting a little bit more sleep or swinging by the gym after work, going window shopping, or perhaps even setting aside time to chat with friends.

The house we are introducing today is Domingo Inokashira 2, a 7-minute walk from Mitakadai station on the Keio Inokashira line. Domingo Inokashira 2 is close to a train route linking two areas popular with young people, Shibuya and Kichijōji and has just the right amount of rooms inside. The house is located in a very calm and quiet residential area with spacious rooms provided for a reasonable cost, and is recommended for those who would like to both interact with the others in the communal areas as well as spend time to themselves in their own rooms.

Let’s head on inside, shall we!

「Domingo Inokashira 2」House Detail Page

Two stations from Kichijoji and within walking distance to Inokashira park.

Domingo Inokashira 2 is a house located in a quiet residential area down a lane off the main shopping district in front of the station. It stands calmly in an area so serene you wouldn’t think it to be Tokyo, but with Shibuya only one station away there is great access to the city!

Bicycle parking. Plenty of space for everyone to park their bike.

The entrance.

The front hallway. On the right hand side there is space to store your shoes.

A colorful wall highlighting the wooden texture

The lounge with its impressive, colorful wall cheers you up with its brightness and has ample room for relaxing.

While the layout is simple, the coloring of the wall, the warmth of the lighting and the decorative plants placed around here and there gives way to a kind of exotic feeling.

Sitting here in the sofa makes you want to drink not from a can but something bottled like cola or beer. Don’t you agree?

The wall of the lounge was made by management by nailing up plank after plank of colorful wood.

There is also one television set in provided in the lounge.

Many movies are lined up along this shelf.

Let’s have a look at some bits and pieces around the place. This Corona light makes you feel like you are in a bar.

An open-mouthed hippopotamus money box in the kitchen.

This nameplate at the entrance is inscribed with the name of the house.

The garbage bins also blend into the house’s interior.

There is a simple, easy-to-use kitchen.

The sink.

The bathroom/laundry. A washing machine and dryer are provided.

The bathroom comes complete with a tub. Immerse and soak yourself in a nice, hot bath.

Toilets on the 1F and 2F, both with washlets.

Comfortable, spacious rooms

The rooms are approximately 6 tatami mats (or 9.18m2), big enough to relax in even if you fill it with your favourite furniture. The simple layout means you can decorate and arrange as you please.

Room 202.

Room 203.

Room 204.

Rom 205.

Room 206.

Room 207.


Managing Domingo Inokashira 2 is Domingo. Managing 5 other properties other than this one, many different people are living together in their houses, nationality and gender no bar, and the real value of share houses is that magic is discovered in these environments.

Moreover, the houses are in great locations near train stations and the rent is a reasonable. Domingo manages with an earnest approach, always seeking to provide great, comfortable rooms and being able to look at things from the tenants point of view.

The share house we’ve shown you today is also in a popular area, and with spacious rooms to hang out in and the playful design of the lounge, you can really start to get a feel for the extraordinary lifestyle that is shared living.

The colorful wall in the lounge and an interior with quirky accents found at every turn brings about a kind of exotic mood, and just by being there your spirits are miraculously lifted.

The manager of this laughed while telling us ‘It was really hard making this wall all by myself. It turned out pretty good, right?”, but you can tell it was a labor of love.

/Author: Kagawa

Domingo Inokashira 2
House DetailDomingo Inokashira 2
Area Tokyo, Mitaka-shi, Inokashira 1-13-19
Rent -
7 minutes from Inokashira Line Mitakadai Sta.
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied

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