We are pleased to announce to you today that Tokyo Sharehouse’s very own iPhone application is now available in Japanese and English.
(※Please download the English version from an English language App Store)

■Japanese version


■English version

With our first iPhone app launch we focused heavily on its search functions, exceeding those of the website with a new method created to search for houses along train routes and in cities.

There is still a lot of room for improvement, but we’re over the moon to have our service available on the iPhone and also excited about working hard in the present to perfect our vision of the future.

It also appears that our app to search for sharehouses is a world first. That said, it is by no means an amazing feat. Attempting new things is not just exciting, it makes us recognize where our weaknesses lie and also realize that we have friends there supporting us along the way. With that in mind we will continue in our efforts and challenge ourselves beyond all frontiers.

Taking this announcement as an opportunity to recount the number of properties featured on our site, we found that we currently have 456 houses. If we include the applications received today we are very close to reaching the 500 property mark.

We are different from regular portal sites in that we list properties after physically visiting the houses and taking photos ourselves, and because of that the number of houses featured on our site won’t increase dramatically in one go, and there have been many times in which we have refused to list properties that don’t live up to our ideas of a safe and sound residence.

There was a time when we were told that operating an internet service is tedious and that its hard to experience even a little bit of success in business, yet looking back now we are proud to say that taking ourselves to over these properties, talking to the managers and taking our own photos to put on the site day in and day out has made our site into what it is today.

Our iPhone app has been created with the aim of making people who are thinking about living in a sharehouse or those who find living with others interesting a little bit more familiar with the shared living lifestyle, so if you have an iPhone you should definitely download and try it out.

Also, please let us know if you find any aspects hard to use or have any ideas to improve the app.

We are still a long, long way off from perfecting our service, and will continue in our efforts hoping that shared living will be the catalyst in creating many interesting a story.

Tokyo Sharehouse LLC
CEO Tetsuro Moriyama

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