Walk around aimless down to the station

Aimlessly walk down a tree-lined avenue with warm sunlight filtering through the leaves.

Slipping through the green, leafy quiet neighborhood you are soon met with a scene of stylish general stores and cafe's lined up along the street. This is Jiyugaoka, the next town over.

Jiyugaoka is a town frequently ranked high in the ‘Town I Most Want To Live In’ questionnaires published by various magazines, and many stores and shops are spread out from the station at the center in this refined townscape.

Today we are introducing Tonarino Jiyugaoka, a share house 3-minutes walk from Midori-no-oka station on the Tokyu Oimachi line, which is just one stop from Jiyugaoka by train. ‘Midori-no-oka’ means ‘green hill’ in Japanese, and true to its name the area is a gently rising slope abundant with greenery; a nice, quiet place to live.

The house’s relaxed interior has been designed to fit with this quiet neighborhood, and is a great, warm place to come home to and unwind.

Let’s have a look inside the house!

「Tonari-no-Jiyugaoka」House Details Page

A white-colored house

A 3-minute walk from Midori-no-oka station. This white-colored house with an impressive outer wall stands in the corner of a quiet residential area.

Lamp lighting has been installed in places, welcoming you as you return home for the day.

The front door. The is plenty of space for 5 people to store shoes in the shoe cupboards.

You are sure to be greeted by your housemates as you peer into the lounge from the front hallway.

The lounge’s homemade interior decorated with flowers

Many of the ornaments in the lounge are hand-crafted by the management and such tender loving care works to create a warm environment for the housemates.

The color of the walls, the sofa, the table - the entire lounge is unified by a relaxed color-scheme. So comfortable you could end up unintentionally napping on the sofa!

The lighting in the lounge is made up of a few lamps that cast a warm glow over the area. The atmosphere here at night would be quite different to that during the day.

The light filtering in from the window onto the decorative plants looks amazing.

Open up the area by leaving the front, lounge and kitchen doors open.

Lowering the blinds changes the atmosphere of the lounge completely and the area becomes moody.

The kitchen.

If wall hangings do a kitchen utensil in this way, it becomes the interior that the accent worked for.

The bathroom, complete with bathtub, and toilet.

Two types of rooms: Flat type and Loft type

Choose between a ‘Flat type’ room or the high-ceilinged, spacious ‘Loft type’ room (dependent upon availability)

Room 201.

Room 202.

Room 203.

Open the window to find the balcony.

The 2F hallway.


Room 204 and 205.


Managing this share house is Come on Up Ltd. Every time we call in at the house everyone is having fun. It’s the kind of share house where you honestly feel that it would be great to live with others. Whether it be enjoying events and functions with your housemates or spending your days relaxing around the house, there is variety of life waiting for you here.

This share house in particular is an actual house, recommended for those of you who desire a relaxed, practical lifestyle.

Wake up 10-minutes earlier on a sunny day and walk all the way to Jiyugaoka to catch the train. You can catch the Tokyu Toyoko line or the Futokushin line directly, and those working in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro can get to work without changing lines at all.

There are new changes and discoveries every day on the way to the station. The things you notice around you will surely vary depending on your mood and the weather. Find pleasure in enjoying these things as you walk along.


/Author: Kagawa

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