A rooftop garden brimming with green, overlooking a spectacular view

Life in the city. Life in the suburbs. If we had to choose, right now we'd definitely choose life in the heart of the city. 

But as someone who comes from that area, I think the peace and quiet of the suburbs isn't an idea to be discarded quickly. If only there was a place inside the city but without the crowds, some refuge where I could feel relieved. That's what I've always wanted. 

Having said that, even though I wanted to live in a highly convenient location—that's also quiet and rich with natural beauty—I had a hard time finding a place I liked. I began to think that my ideal home was impossible to find, and it would remain a dream after all. 

On that note, I'd like to introduce this share house: “Hill Terrace”, a woman-only share house where you can experience the calm, leisurely lifestyle of the suburbs while living in the heart of the city. From the closest station, Akabane Sta., you have easy access to terminal stations like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ueno, and Tokyo. The house is just a 6 minute walk from the station. Standing in a good spot, you're surrounded by a garden that feels just like a country cottage on a plateau, with tall trees and a nice view from a high elevation. Sometimes, birds and raccoons even stop by for a visit. 

In addition, the gardens—spread all the way to the roof—are a wonderful place to watch the changing seasons. I hear it even overlooks the town of Akabane; it's truly an urban oasis. 

Just what kind of mansion is this?  Well, let's go and take a look inside!

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The outer walls are mosaic tile, and they shine beautifully

If you walk down the main road from Akabane Station West Exit and climb the slightly steep staircase, you'll find “Hill Terrace”, tucked into the corner of a residential area.  At first glance, the massive size and mosaic tile exterior are incredibly impressive, like a palace. 


Here's the view from the front. From the elegant gate, to all around the house, you can feel a unique aura.

There are two doors in the entryway. The one on this side is for share house residents, while the one in the back is for the owner, who lives on the first floor. 

Coming through the entrance and up the spacious stairwell, you'll reach the second floor. 

The wide, open lounge for 6 people to share

The lounge is set up for residents to come and relax, and as such, it has a very simple interior design. It's the perfect amount of space for 6 people. 

The dining table is situated in the center of the lounge, and the sofa is next to it. 

Additionally, there's even a rest area near the shower, bathroom, and other places where the plumbing is concentrated. 

The kitchen is connected to the lounge, and they've imported a large style system kitchen for your convenience.

There are three IH cookers. You can use them simultaneously to cook all kinds of different things. 

There are two microwaves, two rice cookers, and two toasters each installed, as well. 

Here's the toilet and the shower. The shower is also equipped with a changing room. 

Furthermore, there's not only a shower, but also a bathroom with a real bathtub. 

There are two drum-style washing machines installed. 

Overlooking the city from the rooftop gardens, here's your luxury time

From the 2nd floor lounge, if you climb up the stairs, you'll emerge into a rooftop garden bursting with green. Various kinds of flowers bloom brilliantly, and a wooden deck, laid out for your comfort, is also available. When you're this far removed from the noise of the city, it seems you can take all the time you like to relax.

Spending the afternoon beneath a blue sky, gazing at the beautiful, vibrant flowers—that's what I call true paradise. 

The spaciousness of the rooftop garden is also quite enjoyable. 

The owner plants flowers and lays out the lawn frequently, taking good care of the area.

Also, this building pops out unexpectedly, but it's hiding a secret. If you open the heavy door...

Somehow, there's a rooftop kitchen! However, there are no gas facilities installed, so it only has a sink and an outlet. 

You can look down at the gardens below from the rooftop. 

A quiet room with excellent light

Each resident has their own room for their private time, with an air conditioner, curtains, a bed, a desk, a chair, and a clothes rack provided.  Additionally, there are rooms where you can overlook the city from the window, so when you come for a viewing, definitely come and see for yourself. (From room 202)

Here's room 201.

Room 203.

Room 204.

Here we have the hallway, where you can see each private room. 

Here's room 205.

Room 206. 


“Hill Terrace” is managed by West Hill Co., Ltd. The owners, both husband and wife, handle the operations and management. They utilize flexible correspondence, and they want to create a close-knit community atmosphere, so residents can enjoy a comfortable share house lifestyle.


You can even tend to the rooftop gardens yourself, and as we head towards spring, all the flowers are in full bloom—even with a glance, doesn't it provide a sense of peace, living here? 


Furthermore, in addition to the splendor of the original building, the owners' efforts and love for this house have all come together. This time, it will be used as the set for a certain cell phone company's commercial. So maybe you'll see the house soon, in a television commercial. 


Moreover, the underground home theater will soon be completed, and we hear that movies and ping-pong will be provided on opening day, so you can freely enjoy yourself. 


The natural beauty we stumble across in the city is precious, and the strange, calming power of silence goes hand-in-hand with that. We can't help but try to keep it to ourselves; but freely experiencing that kind of nature, right in your own residence, is even more valuable. Is it just me, or is this place wrapped up in a mysterious charm? 

/Author: Kagawa, Translator: Brittany