A gift from the sun

Recently women have been avoiding the sun for fear of tanning. It is not uncommon to see many of them walking around outside with a parasol.

However, sunbathing is something fundamental to our lifestyles and it is said that it’s not just good for our physical health, but also essential in maintaining stability of mind. Sunbathing is important in helping to lead a healthy lifestyle, as we have seen alarming the consequences of people not getting enough sunlight, such as people easily falling into depression and the rise of cancer-related deaths.

So, we introduce to you today CLASSICO Hachimanyama, a share house just 3-minutes walk from Hachimanyama station on the Keio line.

Let’s not waste another minute and have a look inside!

「CLASSICO Hachimanyama」 House Detail Page

The exterior

The house we are introducing to you today is a 3-minute walk from Hachimanyama station on the Keio line, CLASSICO Hachimanyama.
Surrounding buildings are on the north side of the apartment, which means the sunlight hits just right with nothing to obstruct it.

The main entrance. Sunlight flows in from the glass beside the door.

This is a board used for tenants to communicate with, whether it be the details of an event or just a few positive words to make a great start to the day.

Let’s head up the stairs to the lounge.

Main Lounge

The light shining in from the window and the white-toned interior exudes a translucent ambiance.
The colorful items here and there add a nice accent.

Here is a kotatsu, an item usually difficult to add into a share house. It’s almost cherry blossom season at the moment, but it seems like a great place for tenants to come together during the cooler months. Remove the blanket and use it as a low table.

There is also a dining table, so you can choose which one to use depending on the mood of the moment. With three large windows in the lounge there is no need to use the lights except at night.

The kitchen. There are three refrigerators so there should be no trouble storing food.

A brand-new sink and induction cooktop. Everything you need for cooking has been provided.

There is a storage box provided for each tenant. Great for storing things like condiments and rice.

The toilet.

The bathroom. Have a soak and relax from time to time in this bathtub.

Just before the bathroom there is a washing machine and dryer.

Step out onto the rooftop from the 3rd floor. You could probably dry your clothes in no time when the weather is good.

Looking back towards the house from the verandah we can see this ladder. It’s a little bit high up, but if you’re courageous enough to climb up there...

… you’ll be met with a great view. Whether you’re exhausted from work or just have something troubling you, spend time here and all your worries will be forgotten.

Private rooms

Size and style differs from room to room, so it might be an idea to go and inspect them for yourself. We’ll have a look at a couple of these rooms today.
This is Room 103, with a curved window. Open the curtains in the morning and wake up feeling fresh as you bath in the morning rays.

Room 303. This room is smaller than room 103 and so the rent is a tad cheaper.

A dormitory-style room. These are female-exclusive. The sky is painted on the ceiling.

There is a desk and chair beneath the bed, perfect for doing things like taking time for yourself and doing a bit of reading.


The management of this house, Classicompany, also takes care of other properties all within a 10-minute walk from a nearby station in metropolitan Tokyo. They also have English and Italian speaking staff which is good news for non-Japanese tenants.

From nearby Hachimanyama station you can get to Shinjuku within 15-minutes and the area itself is quite peaceful, a great environment for those working in the city to come home and relax in. There is also a Summit supermarket open until 1am, something that those working late in the city and miss dinner will be thankful for.

Metropolitan Tokyo has been called a concrete jungle, and always working inside its buildings makes it very hard to embrace the sunlight. If you at least spend your weekend relaxing in the sun-bathed loungeroom or even on the rooftop of this share house, you may be able to refresh yourself to face reality once again.

Living a healthy lifestyle while receiving the blessing of the sun is something you should definitely experience here at CLASSICO Hachimanyama.

/Author: Kagawa