A Fusion of the Home and Office

Today we'll be taking a look at Yotsuya no Ie, just a 3 minute walk from Yotsuya Sanchome Station along the Marunouchi Line. Whether you're heading toward Tokyo or Shinjuku, you'll have easy access from the station. Riding a bicycle, it's only a 15 minute ride to hot spots such as Shibuya or Omotesando. You'll find no better vantage point that puts the entire metropolitan area at your fingertips.

When speaking of Yotsuya, only office buildings come to mind for most, but you'd be surprised at the conveniences that can be found here. Just a five minute walk from the house is a Marusho supermarket open until 2 a.m., so even those who work late can pick up groceries for a nice home-cooked meal. There are also quite a few restaurants in the area for those who prefer to dine out.

While the house offers everything you need for day to day living, it's also complimented with its very own workspace that can be leased for business purposes. The office was initially rented out to an interior design company, but since the space will soon be available, you can be sure we've included a sneak peek in our house review.

So without further ado, let's take a look!

「Yotsuya no Ie」House Detail Page


The Outside View

The dark color and shape of the house certainly give it a sense of presence compared to its surrounding neighbors. The use of louvers also give it a look reminiscent of old fashioned Japanese restaurants.

Here we have a look at the house's nameplate carved from wood. The simple design blends together nicely with the house's exterior.

Taking a quick glance up, the look of the building against the sky is almost overwhelming.

The miniature garden next to the entrance also adds a modern sense of "Wa" to the house.

The Main Lounge

The lounge uses a beautiful blend of cool color tones, with a uniform white in the kitchen give it a clean cut appearance.As comfortable as it is stylish, you'll be sure to enjoy a relaxing day here in the lounge.

The kitchen counter here bordering the lounge is perfect for casual conversation while enjoying a tasty meal.

There's no questioning this is the best place to relax in the house, and taking a break here on the couch you'll have a perfect view of the LCD television.

Past the lattice door of the front is the main entryway with gravel flooring. This is where you'll also find the house's shared bicycles.

Around the corner is a white door leading to the lounge when slid open.

Sliding it open all the way, the atmosphere of the lounge changes completely.

The restroom and wash stand share a fairly spacious area together. It reminds me of a bathroom overseas.

The bathing room is next to the lounge and includes a small room for changing clothes.

Since the bathing room also has a bathtub, you can soak here and relax after a long day at work.

Heading up to the second floor, the cut out wall design and light fixture along the stairs only enhances the modern chic atmosphere of the house.

Next to the hallway is the restroom and wash stand, but I couldn't help but wonder what the stairs here lead up to, so I went to take a look.

Up the stairs, through the door, and here we are on a lovely and spacious roof terrace. With no tall buildings nearby to obstruct the view, you can see for miles in any direction.


The Office Space

All of the private rooms are currently occupied, but we still had the opportunity to take a look at the office area. Although initially leased to an interior design company, it's currently available for rental.

The fee is 125,000 Yen per month, and you're free to use any of the house's shared facilities until 5 p.m.

This stylish office space is already equipped with desks and chairs, so it won't take much to come in and get down to business.

There's also ample storage place for documents and office supplies.

The wall on one side of the office is glass, allowing for great lighting at all hours of the day, and adds a sense of spaciousness.


Kikyo House, the owner of the share house, also does business in the media industry, so I had the opportunity to hear lots of interesting news while taking a tour o fthe house. Utilizing experience from living abroad, they've incorporated many Japanese elements into this chic modern house, making it a popular place among newcomers, and welcome to foreigners to boot.

The manager recommends the roof terrace above all else—relaxing in the shade of the parasol taking in the view of Shinjuku. Whether you're looking for a peaceful place to read, or a relaxing spot to enjoy lunch with house mates, I'd also suggest taking advantage of the roof terrace to get the most out of your stay here. Even those simply looking to lease the office space, the terrace is the perfect spot to relax on your break.

At first glance, it may seem strange to see one's home and workplace together under one roof, but this visit really showed us that with a little ingenuity, the best place to work can actually be your own home. All of the private rooms are currently full, but if you happen to find the office space to be appealing, it's still open, so be sure to send in an inquiry.

Regardless of whether this is your home or simply your workplace, the share house atmosphere is bound to leave you inspired!

/Author: Kagawa, Translator: Paul

Yotsuya No Ie
House DetailYotsuya No Ie
Area Shinjuku-Ku, Aizumi-Cho
Rent -
Metro Marunouchi-Line Yotsuya-3chome 2 min walk
Metro Shinjyuku-Line Akebonobashi 6 min walk
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied