The Start of Something New

Shimokitazawa is a town known for its vitality and fashion.

Even now this town is known for the many cultural influences that originated here in years past. Looking back, there have been many accounts of famous actors and musicians with humble beginnings on the streets of Shimokitazawa.

Naturally drawn here, inspired by the possibility of dreams fulfilled, the people who gather here make Shimokitazawa a place known for its lively atmosphere. And only a seven minute walk away from the train station, you'll find today's share house—L'atelier 113 Shimokitazawa. The living room, with its high ceiling, is the perfect place to relax, and the loft placed up above adds a certain charm you can't find anywhere else.

As I show you around the house you can see for yourself, so let's have a look.

「L'atelier 113 Shimokitazawa」house details


A Quiet Area Just Beyond the Shopping District

When thinking of Shimokitazawa, a town constantly abuzz with the sound of people usually comes to mind. However, past the busy shopping district near the station, the atmosphere quickly changes to that of a quiet residential area. This is where you will find L'atelier 113 Shimokitazawa.


Here's a look at the door leading in.

You'll feel right at home once inside, taking off your shoes at the door.

To the side of the entryway are shoe boxes, and together the residents decided on their rules of use.

A Three-Story Living Room Bathed in Sunlight

The perfect place for a lazy afternoon. With a soft light pouring in through the windows, and the added sense of space from the high ceiling, you can relax here all day long.


The contrast of the green rug against the use of brown in the room creates a warm, organic atmosphere.

There's more to this extended ceiling than sunshine from the window. If you take the ladder shown in the picture to the left, it leads up to a loft.



Here's a full glimpse of the living room as seeon from the loft.

A projector has been installed up here, transforming the space into a mini-theater at night.

Of course, no movie theater can be complete without a white screen to compliment the projector.



A Kitchen With Form and Function

The system kitchen originally designed for the house has been left intact, and its very accommodating. Everything you need is here for an enjoyable cooking experience.


Incidentally, there's a counter here that makes a great mini-bar with a few high chairs.

Here's a look at the sink.

The laundry room can be found on the way to the living room.

This toilet and complete wash stand make for a fairly unique Japanese bathroom.

Here's a look at the bathing room.

The bathtub here is quite large; it looks great for a relaxing soak after a long day's work.


A Private Room That Feels Like Home

Because this was originally a residential home, there are a variety of rooms, each with its own charm and sense of familiarity.

(room 302)


Room 101 has a great layout with wooden floorin.

The room also includes a book shelf.

There's also a closet to keep suitcases and valuables.

Next we have room 202.

The storage space in this room is somewhat larger than that in the previous room.

As an aside, the room from the picture up top (room 302) also comes with its own balcony.


Come on UP, the managers of this share house, run over 20 share houses in the metropolitan area. Staying on familiar terms with the residents in all of their share houses, their management style leaves a great deal of responsibility in the hands of the residents. The residents of every house stick together, sharing knowledge and life experiences to foster a strong community.

Of course, no matter how liberal the management seems to be, the presence of Come on UP staff members is always felt within the house. While some may fear that such freedom can hinder relations with other residents, the management here at Come on UP is very supportive, casting away any fears or doubts one might have of trying one of their share houses.

For those seeking an easygoing house founded on friendship and comradery, look no further.

/Author: Kagawa, Translator: Paul

Come on UP Shimokitazawa
House DetailCome on UP Shimokitazawa
Area Setagaya-Ku, Kitazawa 4-Chome
Rent -
9 min walk from Shimokitazawa Station
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied