A Smart Design With a Woman's Touch

Perhaps it's the recent string of share houses we've visited recently, but one could easily be led to believe there's been a sudden increase in women only share houses. Upon closer inspection, it's simply the result of an expanding market.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for colorful, girlish share houses, with gaudy interiors full of ornaments and fanciful decorations, they're practically a dime a dozen. A more convetional, relaxed women's share house, however, is something not so easily found.

With that said, today I'd like to show you around Guest Station Higashi-Nippori. Just a 10 minute walk from Nippor Station, this share house takes the focus away from girliness, resulting in a share house design I'd describe as cool or smart.

Nippori Station also gives access to a whopping 6 train lines including the ever popular JR Yamanote Line and a straight shot to Narita Airport, making this the ideal location for those who need to get around.

Now lets take a look at the rooms and see what this house has to offer.

「Guest Station Higashi-Nippori」House Details Page  (*Available in Japanese only)


The Outside View

A 10 minute walk from Nippori Station, past the rows of drapery shops in the textile district, and here we are at the Guest Station share house.


Here's a look at the entrance, already lined with the shoes of several residents.

There's also an entrance in the back with even more space for residents to place there shoes.

Incidentally, here's a shot of the back entrance.

In a room next to the entrance is a work space that also serves as an area for a bit of storage.

You won't find may suitases here, but when you're in a pinch, there's a step ladder, tools, and other useful goodies for around the house.

To keep paint on the walls fresh and make sure the building stays in tip top shape, the manager keeps an array of tools on hand to fix just about anything.

The Main Lounge

The metallic beams running across the furred ceiling give the room a rough yet stylish look. It's very spacious, making it the perfect spot to hang out and socialize.


Near the lounge's main table is an LCD television, and from the window soft light pours into the room.

The kitchen and laundry room are also connected to the lounge. With so much all in one place, it's hard to believe this area is so spacious.


All of the television's wiring is neatly placed behind it, allowing for a sleek look hung from the wall.

The lounge also has storage containers for each resident; perfect for daily necessities you use often.

There's also a shared computer in the lounge. If something should arise in conversation that requires a bit of quick research, the answer will be right at your finger tips.


The Kitchen

Just like the lounge, the kitchen is fairly spacious. In the center is a worktop making it easy to prep your ingredients for cooking.


With two sinks in the kitchen, its easy to split up the work by washing dishes in one and rinsing them in the other.

Kitchen ware has been prepared in an array of colors to spice up the look of the kitchen.

There are two IH stove tops with four burners in total. If you're looking to fry up some food, look no further.

The washing machines cost 200 Yen per use, and the dryers are 100 Yen per use.

There are two shower rooms, both of which cost 100 Yen for 7.5 minutes of use. The trade off for this, is that utilities for the house are only 3000 Yen per month, so it's actually quite a deal.

Here's the bathroom on the first floor. Just like most other rooms in the house, it's very roomy.

There's also a wash stand complete with mirror.

The other bathrooms in the house are fairly standard.

This is one of the independent wash stands.


The Private Rooms

While the lounge has been designed to allow socializing with lots of people, the rooms have been made with a focus on privacy.

In addition to standard bed frames, there are loft beds available as well. When you stop by to visit, make sure to take a look for yourself.


Here's a shot of the second floor hallway. All the rooms are private rooms, and the numberpad locks on the doors ensure privacy.

This is one of the loft bed rooms (room 207). You can hang clothes under the bed, turning it into a make-shift closset.

Under the stairs leading to the third floor is a small space for a few people to chat. It looked very relaxing.

This is an example of a room with a standard bedframe (room 304). Also, every room includes a desk, mini-refrigerator, and television.

There's also a quiet room. This is the perfect place to do a bit of work or studying.

Last, but not least, is one of the rooms that includes a balcony (room 306). The room looks beautiful with just the light coming in through the windows.

To come out onto the balcony, simply open the window.

For those who have no balcony in their rooms, if they go up past the third floor...

They can come out onto the roof terrace. This area is also great to hang out clothes to dry, or simply take in some fresh air and enjoy the view.



Office Shintou Ltd., the owner of this share house, believes that rather than a house thats overly luxurious and gaudy, a house should be clean, safe, and provide quality living to its residents. The share house introduced in this article was renovated not long ago, but it's clear that they work earnestly to manage share houses that hold up to high standards of quality. As mentioned previously, the owner of the house keeps a personal set of tools readily available in the house should something need to be fixed. When deciding on a share house to live in, dedicated management such as this is definitely something to think about.

Inheriting the townscapes of old, Nippori has gracefully adapted as trends continue to change. And whether it's inside the share house or in the surrounding area, Guest Station Higashi-Nippori is a place where residents can live to the fullest. The house is spacious, catering to a lively atmosphere in the lounge, yet also balanced with a quiet study room, and an emphasis on privacy for those who enjoy peace and quiet alone. Also home to the famous Nippori Textile Town, affordable fashion and shopping in general is sure to be a delight.

If balance is key to good living, Guest Station Higashi-Nippori may be just what you need to unlock the doors to a lifestyle that values quality.

/Author:Kagawa, Translation: Paul


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