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Coming home from work the very first thing I do is collapse onto the sofa. I do this every day.

This is always where I would be sitting or stretching out, even when I lived at home with my parents. It wasn’t very spacious, and there were other places I could have chilled out in, but for some reason I always found myself coming back to the same spot. And at my favorite cafés I was always able to concentrate better at the window seats not in direct sunlight when studying or enjoying reading a book. I found myself thinking that there must be a lot of people who could understand that everyone is different and as such so is the place they feel most comfortable...

And so today I’d like to introduce a female-exclusive share house, Ayase Laputa, a 10-minute walk from Ayase station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line and the JR Joban line. Complete with approximately 7.6m2 of communal space including the living room, dining room, counter kitchen, and a wide rooftop terrace with a view of Tokyo Sky Tree that has been made into a second living room. Find your own cozy little spot, be it a seat at the counter from which you can keep an eye on dinner, watching television while relaxing on the sofa or even enjoying a book while swaying pleasantly on the hammock.

Without further ado let’s introduce some areas in the house that could potentially become your own special spot!

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View from outside

This house was originally a family home, now a female-exclusive share house with the capacity to house a maximum of 21 people.


The door locks automatically and requires a passcode. Use of this type of locking system has increased in female share houses.

Here is the front hallway. Shoe lockers line the wall on the left side of the photo. Can you imagine the amount of shoes if there were 21 females living in the house?

There are 4 of these cupboards. If you use the space well you should be able to get everyone’s shoes in there.

There is also storage space above.

A welcome board stands at the entrance to the lounge, greeting those returning home.

Main lounge

The lounge boasts a spacious 7.6m2, a communal area that never feels cramped even living with a large number of people.

The dining table seats 8 people and the placemats and wallpaper have a gorgeous, feminine vibe.

There is a large, comfortable sofa in the living room with a relaxed, soothing ambiance.

Have you found somewhere you’d like to be your own special spot yet? I’ve got my eye on the sofa so I can leisurely stretch out my legs.

The kitchen has a counter, and surprisingly a lot of people quickly eat their food here after cooking. There is also no need to set the table for dinner.

A communal computer has also been provided, perfect for looking up this and that with ease.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry facilities

The kitchen sink is freestanding so the food preparation area is quite spacious as you can see. You could even gut a freshly caught fish if you wanted to.

There are 3 large refrigerators and plenty of space for people to move about.

The sink stands by itself apart from the preparation area. Use one to scrub dishes with detergent and the other to rinse them off and doing the dishes is a cinch.

There are 3 rice cookers set up in the kitchen, and private storage cubby holes beneath to hold small items such as condiments and spices.

There is also a collection of nice, simple tableware to use as you please.

A sink to wash your hands right in front of the toilet.

The toilet.

There is a washing machine and free-standing washstand in the bathroom.

Bathroom complete with tub and a fresh, white color-scheme.

The shower room.


Private rooms

There are two types of rooms - private and double, dormitory type rooms. Size and layout differ per room, so it might be an idea to get yourself down for a private viewing so you can look for yourself.

Each room is fitted with a passcode security system so you don’t have to carry a key around with you.

Room 201. A double-window type private room. As well as being spacious...

… there is even plenty of space to store a large quantity of items.

Room 202. This room also has a lot of storage space.

The skylight in room 204 acts as a natural light system during the day.

In addition to room 207 being quite spacious with plenty of storage space...

You can also go out onto the balcony. You can hang your washing out here.

Room 301 (a,b) is a dormitory type room.

You can still hold on to some degree of privacy with the wall in the middle of the room acting as a partition.

In addition dormitory rooms come equipped with a security box to store your valuables.

Going up to the stairs from the 3rd floor to the rooftop, we come out into the ‘Sky Living room’ also boasting approximately 7.6m2 of space.

Here you can see the Sky Tree while enjoying a barbeque. Also, my top candidate for the best spot in the house -the hammock- is very comfortable to lay in.


Fine Select, currently handling 14 other female-exclusive share house properties in the metropolitan area, opened a share house in Ueno (Ueno Machiya) and Sumiyoshi (Sumiyoshi Sky Terrace) in addition to Ayase Laputa at around about the same time. They cater to a variety of different needs, with share houses converted from existing homes and even apartments.

Moreover, hearing stories from the share houses managed by Fine Select it is clear that they are doing a great job at building communities. Housemates do things like actively taking charge of the housework on the cleaning staff’s days off and surprise others on their birthdays, and I felt once again that when living with strangers it really is important to support and cooperate with each other. If you go out of your way to do something for someone it is reward enough just to see the smile on their face.

With Ayase Laputa especially, given that it can house up to 21 people it is essential to go in with a preparedness to support the other people living with you.

So we can say that with share houses, the concept of a comfortable environment is first and foremost having a good personal connection with the people you are living with, and once you have that you will be able to find that special spot in the house just for you.

Special moments with special people. And within these moments a special place for both you and me. Come on over and find one for yourself.

/Author: Kagawa

Ayase Laputa
House DetailAyase Laputa
Area Tokyo-To, Adachi-Ku
Rent ¥29,800 ~ ¥47,800
JR Joban Line etc., Ayase Station 10 min walk
Condition Female


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