A house with a café-style area everyone will want to hang out in

Come on UP Eifuku-Nibankan is within walking distance of the Come on Up Eifuku house. On the 2F there is a lounge room designed to resemble a café in which tenants will naturally come to greet each other as they come and go. I was told that this room is so comfortable that people end up staying long after parties have ended. How would you like to live in a relaxed share house with an at-home feel like this one?

「Come on UP Eifuku-Nibankan」House Details Page


The living room, designed to resemble a café is great for relaxing with the gentle fragrance of new wood in the air, and before you know it you’ll be in here all night talking to your housemates.


The kitchen with its black color-scheme has great natural lighting coming through the big windows and cooking in here seems like it would be a blast. You might even try your hand at more complicated recipes for everyone to eat together.


This is what the exterior looks like.

The front door.

The living room on the 2F for tenants to relax in.

These café-style sofas in the cheerful living room are marvelous.

The view from the living room is also great.

A cute electric fan.

This here is the kitchen.

It’s actually right beside the living room.

Cooking items.

A gas stove, great for those who love cooking.

I wonder if the tenants make fantastic meals together with these cooking utensils.

Rubbish bin made out of hemp.

The toilet.

A photo of the hallway.

There is a washstand beside the hallway.

The bathroom. It has been kept very clean.

The bathroom from above.

The bathroom sink.

We also had a look at the rooms. Having this much greenery outside the window is great.

A Japanese-style room soothes the mind, and foreign tenants would love this.

There is also a traditional, elegant ‘snow-viewing’ window.

The porch.

A Japanese-style garden really soothes the mind.

The garden flourishes in green.

The staircase leading from the 1F to the 2F.

The front door.

I kind of thought the light switches were cool so I snapped a shot.


The residents of this house come all the way north from Hokkaido and down south from Australia, and office ladies, consultants, actors working by night at restaurants and even certified public accounts live here. These people, at first not friends or family, broadened their horizons by meeting and living as sharemates, increasing their circle of friends and associates, coming into contact and learning from different cultures and values. What a wonderful world. Having fun with a whole lot of different people, doing a whole lot of different things and sharing the journey together - that is what Come on Up share houses are all about.

The living room fosters a great environment to chill out and relax in, and as the kitchen is right next door people are bound to come together to enjoy meals with each other. This is what I was told by one of the tenants, and it left a profound impression on me. It’s also great that another of this company’s houses is within walking distance as tenants can enjoy even more interaction with others. If you prefer to live in an environment where you can really enjoy shared living rather than a posh, designer mansion, maybe this is the place for you. The kind, good-natured staff and tenants will certainly welcome you with open arms.


Come on UP Eifuku 2
House DetailCome on UP Eifuku 2
Area 1-chome, Eifuku, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
6 min walk from Eifukucho Station
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied

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