A true traditional Japanese home with deck and garden.

Come on UP Eifuku is a share house with a charming deck and garden that looks and feels like a ‘ryokan’, a traditional Japanese inn.

With a 22.96m² kitchen and living area as well as a porch and garden flourishing in greenery, the house has a calm ambiance about it.

How great to be able to watch the seasons change by gazing out of the window in the living room.

「Come on UP Eifuku」House Details Page


The floorboards are solid wood you can’t help but want to walk on barefoot.


The deck looking out onto the garden. Hang out your washing or bath in the sunlight. You can even feast on seasonal foods while listening to the buzz of the insects outside.

The exterior.

Open the gates to behold a traditional Japanese world waiting for you.

The entrance.

The living room.

How great is this living room with its large television and greenery to be seen through the window.

This electric fan caught my eye.

You can really feel the warmth of the wood in these floorboards.

Right beside the living room is the kitchen.

The cups are stacked very nicely.

The bathroom.

The bathroom from above.

A window in the bathroom is a rare feat to see, and I snapped this shot.

The toilet was also immaculate.

The Japanese-style interior.

A cute Come on UP Eifuku sign hangs at the entrance.


When I was told I would be coming to a Come on UP property, I was expecting a western-style house, however it was refreshing to be met with a traditional Japanese house. It‘s a great place for those of you who like to relax in traditional environments like these. You may even have non-Japanese friends wanting to experience Japanese culture and interact with Japanese people to introduce to this house.


Come on UP Eifuku
House DetailCome on UP Eifuku
Area 1-chome Eifuku, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥65,000 ~ ¥80,000
6 min walk from Eifukucho Station
Condition Male, Female

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