Going home. The fun begins.

Good job." "Bye." "See you tomorrow.

After the end of the day's greetings, how are you all doing?

When you're leading a busy life, all you can do is go straight home and go to bed. Sometimes that's all you can do, isn't it?

But don't you find new people, fun, and hobbies when you experience something out of the routine?
There are many people who wish they could find those things and make their days a little more meaningful, even if they don't have much time to spare.

At "Share Lieto ichikawa gyoutoku" introduced this time, you can enjoy such an experience in a share house with 44 men and women sharing a house.
This is a share house for large groups of people.

Once you step into the house, you'll be surprised by the quality of the space.
Not only is the house equipped with a music room (soundproofed) and private gym, but it's also equipped with leisure facilities.
Stylish and exquisite living room, spacious kitchen where you can cook with your housemates.

Here you'll be able to live a fresh new life surrounded by luxurious facilities that are hard to achieve when you live alone.

So let's take a closer look at the house!

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Easy to play, luxurious space 

First of all, the first living room with the luxury of spaciousness.

You can sit on the sofa and watch a movie. Or play a game of billiards with a drink in hand.
When the housemates get together, it's a "fun place to play".

Even when you feel too lazy to go out, you can spend a great night in the house.


Enjoy a Home theater with a projector. In summer, it will be fun to go to the beach with a board. Billiards in the living room. Even hot showdowns in the evenings.


A "Good Work" drink.

After passing through the first living room, the second living room, which looks like a bar lounge, is next.
It is equipped with a large sofa, two TVs, and sometimes it becomes a space to watch sports or
When you can't fall asleep, it can be an adult space where you can have a quiet drink. How you use it depends on your mood.
It seems to change its look completely from morning to night, doesn't it?


Built like a bar counter, it makes you look forward to a drink at the end of the day more than usual.

Sitting on the couch and relaxing. Talking with your housemates will be a good refresher.

The coffee maker is installed. A cup of good morning.

All kinds of bottles. You could be taught how to drink by an older housemate.

There is also a beer server set up. Pour it for your housemates and you'll get to know them better.


Delicious aroma, pleasant conversation.

The kitchen looks like a restaurant kitchen. I can see the housemates having a great time talking and cooking together.

It's even more fun when you're trying new dishes or cooking for a large group of people, and you're sure to get to know each other better.

The spacious kitchen makes daily cooking fun.

A commercial refrigerator unique to large share houses.

Three induction heaters. Three gas stove burners. It can be used for cooking for a large number of people.

This is also a commercial oven. You may enjoy a different taste than before.

There are rice cookers, toasters, microwaves, and kettles, of course.


When you return to your private room, the environment is the same as living alone.

Because you can enjoy socializing with your housemates in a shared space, you want to live in a private room where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

There are cases where the quality of a private room in a shared house is inferior to that of a room in a single person's house, but
At Sharriet Ichikawa Gyotoku, the rooms have a desk, storage space, and even a three-piece unit.
You can live your life just as you would if you were living alone!
Plus, it's nice to have a common area to enjoy with your housemates and all the luxurious facilities....

On the first floor there is a room for women only, and on the second floor there is a room that can accommodate two people.
Also, the wallpaper and flooring varies from room to room, so you're sure to find a room to suit your taste among the 44 rooms available.

The wallpaper and flooring are stylish.

This is room 215, which can accommodate two people.

The private room comes with a delightful three-piece unit.


A full range of facilities, a new stimulus.

To be able to live in such luxurious facilities is only possible in a large scale share house, which is hard to achieve when you live alone.

There's a private gym and music room, as well as a working space where you can concentrate on your studies and reading.

It's sure to increase your enjoyment when you get home.
You'll also have the chance to interact with your housemates, which is sure to give you new stimulation.

It's helpful when you want to concentrate on reading or studying.

Both washers and dryers are coin-operated.

With an electronic piano, you could have a new hobby

It is soundproof so you can play as you wish.

The window of the gym leads out to the terrace.

Share Lieto Ichikawa gyoutoku is operated and managed by Share Design, Inc.

The theme of the share house is "ENJOY," and Share Lieto Ichikawa gyoutoku is a place you can't experience by yourself.
It's full of amenities. I don't think there's a house that gives you a lot of pleasure in your daily life.

I'm happy to come home. Until now, I think it was mostly about being relieved.
Share Lieto Ichikawa gyoutoku is also a "playground" for fun and happiness, I feel.

When we visited, when we got out of the ticket gate at Gyotoku Station, there was a couple holding a baby in their arms.
Old-fashioned Chinese shops with a good atmosphere, such as a street coffee shop.
A standing bar that comes alive at dusk. A flower shop filled with the fragrance of flowers, and so on.
I had the impression that the town was surrounded by a peaceful and gentle atmosphere.

There are also large supermarkets and Don Quijote near the station, making it convenient for daily shopping.
The nearest station, Gyotoku Station, is on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, and it takes only 24 minutes to get to Otemachi Station, making it easy to get to the heart of the city.

If you're looking for a new way of life, this is the perfect place for you. How about starting an active life at "Share Lieto Ichikawa gyoutoku" in a tranquil town?
With a variety of leisure activities and stimulation from your housemates, this is a place where you'll find yourself irreplaceable.

/Author: Katsumi, Photo:Ishi


Social Court Ichikawa
House DetailSocial Court Ichikawa
Area 2 Katori, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
Rent ¥52,800 ~ ¥57,800
Tozai Line Gyotoku station 10mins by walk
Tozai Line Minami Gyotoku Station 14mins by walk
Condition Male, Female




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