Here is a large share house managed by a long-established company of share house!

Share house, a new alternative to apartment, has been recognized by the society over the last few years. Some may think “wasn’t this business style recently born?”, but the fact is there are some operaters who are doing these businesses more than 10 years ago.

Before being called "share house", isn’t it surprising that it already existed in the same style. interwhao, who mainly manages many properties on the Den-en-toshi line, has an experience of 18 years, no doubt that it is a very long. interwhao’s share houses has originality of "international exchange" + "large property" + "event". There are a lot of people living together, and everyone has different nationality, age and background, so it is the real pleasure of share house that you can experience a deep experience by living. To taste such a delicious part, there are various plans by the management side, such as hosting an event, equipting entertainment facilities and staff 's support who resides in the house.

And as the Den-en-toshi line digest, let's introduce the recommended properties of interwhao along this train line!

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Inter-cultural share house mixed with multinational culture, "First house series"

Feel foreign culture. It is a very good experience of noticing the difference with own country, spreading your point of view.

When things look different, everyday life may become a bit interesting. The characteristic of the share house of First house series is, by any means, a global house community. Not only people from Europen countries, Asian countries, you can be a friend with people all over the world.


In each property, interwhao regularly hosts the event. Other than that, there are also cases it is held frequently by residents.


And here is the one of the actual event held. It is a Halloween party, but surprised by the ratio of foreigners. It seems Japanese are fewer.


The concept is "American Vintage" "First House Mizonokuchi 100 + b"

A large share house of 40 households shared by both sexes. The lounge space that incorporates furniture and interior processed like well-used is zoned into 4 areas, you can choose where to use according to your mood and task at that time.

The location of the property is "Mizonokuchi Station" where Tokyu Den-en-toshi line and Nambu line can be used. Good distance to Mizonokuchi station where express is stopped and to Shibuya station which takes only 13 minutes. As of March, 2018 it is the newest property in First house series. 


There is a slight distance when walking for 17 minutes from Mizonoguchi Station, there are some commercial facilities around the station and there is MEGA Don Quijote along the road to the property so it does not seem to be a problem for buying consumable supplies etc. From the appearance no one can imagine that this is a share house. It is a 5 story building, the first floor is the common area and from the 2nd floor there are private rooms. 


The most eye-catching in First house Mizonokuchi 100 + b is here. There is a billiard table in the playroom adjoining the lounge. Unlike woodgrains in living room, a checkered pattern flooring makes it looks like a Ameriacan diner. 


Are you care about water surroundings ? Because it is a powder room exclusively for women, make-up can be done without worrying about eyes of opposite sex. 


The bathroom is equipped with a total of 6 rooms ; 3 shower rooms for 3 men and women each. 


What is this spacious space ? It is a laundry room. There are washing machines and a driers installed. 


Going up the stairs to the room floor, there were doors of the rooms on both sides of the corridor. 


Room # 201 was a model room for men. The window is large, and the room is large enough for one person.


The next room, # 202 is a model room designed for women. 


Fashionable lounge which imaged cafe living "First house Mizonokuchi 100 + a"

You can imagine the name of this sharehouse without saying. It is the sister house of First House Mizonokuchi 100 + b introduced first. The location is also as close as I can call the neighbor.

The furniture and the flooring are unified in the dark brown and the brightness of the space as a whole seems to tone down at first glance, but the natural brightness is ensured by inserting sufficient outside light from the big window of the back in the living room. 


A total of 62 households and a slightly larger property than 100 + b. We adopt the electronic lock of the auto lock at the entrance. 


Tables and chairs in the lounge are wooden. The design of the chair is arranged with different specifications. I see people working on Macbook with drinking coffee in cafe with such this big table but Wifi is equipped in this lounge so it seems that residents can work here. 


A luxurious area by a one-sided window. The special seats for breakfast should be here.

firsthouse_mizonokuchi_030 (1)

There is a washbasin with a large mirror on the background of ethnic wallpaper in the shower room only for women. 


All rooms are spacious and 13 ㎡ with closet, bed, air conditioner, refrigerator, desk, and chair.


A house community "Living in a luxury residential area" Aobadai "First House Yokohama Aoba"

The staff who lives in said that this is the First House Yokohama Aoba as the image of the share house that can be imagined in the general public. Every age group is relatively younger than other sharehouses. Of course, it is a share house with a high percentage of foreign nationals.

It is located a short walk from the Aobadai station of the nearest station for 10 minutes on foot. Because Aobadai station stops express, you can reach Shibuya in 30 minutes.


The property is located along the boulevard of one road that leads to the station.There are a lot of bus streets and you may use the bus to the station. 


Boasting is this living room which it blew through. Flooring etc in the living room have just been renovated last year. 


It seems to be comfortable when you want to eat alone with a bar counter at the window.


There are two verandas from the living room. On such a day it is more relaxing to eat out. Smoking is also possible here. 


First House Yokohama Aoba has a nice billiard table. Wallpaper here has been changed as well.


Although it is reasonable, you can live in a large room "First house Ichigao"

Ichigao sandwiched between Mizonokuchi and Aobadai does not stop the express train, but it takes 30 minutes for Shibuya station. If you are in a hurry, we recommend that you should transfer to express train at Azamino station, two stops ahead.

First House Ichigao is a historic house opened in the early stage when Interwhao of the management company started the share house project. The sharehouse has went through some renovations and I do not think much that it has taken such a long time since it opened it.

From the author who has seen the large number of share houses in the Kanto area, I think that it is just right as the first house to live as a share house considering size, location, and rent. 


It is located about 5 minutes on foot from the station, and there are restaurants and supermarket in front of the station, which makes distance feeling not to be a pain even if you bring your luggage from purchase. 


Setting up many kinds of furniture in the living room so that multiple people relax at the same time. The living room is the first basement in the basement. but it's good sunshine. The living room with no one during the day is quiet and it seems to be quite nice. 


There is a workbench centering on the shared kitchen as well, and it seems that it will not be crowded even when working with multiple people.


The size of the room with 37 households is about 10 to 11 m2. Even if putting a bed and a refrigerator to take up space, it looks as a refreshing room.  


The building which was originally a dormitory is diverted almost as it is, so the walls on both sides are also solid. Do not worry about the sound of your neighbor's life.。

How was that? What I introduced this time was Interwhao's House Brand "First House Series". There are many other large sharehouses along the Denentoshi Line, but sharehouses with concepts with added value such as reasonable and international exchange, while being private rooms as large rooms as the first house, are located along the railway line that they will not be found on the top.

For example, if there is a need to have a living environment with being able to speak English on a daily basis after returning from studing abroad, living with foreign nationals would be a better choice than going to English learning language school. Also, those who come to Tokyo from the rural areas as a result of finding employment do not know the job habits of the work place, and there is no money enough to buy the necessary items of living. For such a person, it is attractive for him/her that it is possible to exchange information with those who live long in the area, and with all furniture appliances necessary for daily life.

In addition to having an environment where you can live a minimum amount of life, new encounters with people inside the house may speed up your life. In Firsthouse, staff members are in charge of each property so that interaction between people happens naturally. Because some of the staff in charge actually live in the house, introduction of people takes place via staf. Staff will follow you even if you are hesitated to talk to people. How about trying to live in the First house for the first share house?



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