Experience Japan’s four seasons in the rooftop garden at Siete Kachidoki!

Today we bring to you Siete Kachidoki, a share house opened by the company K Plan in 2012. The house is in a great location from which it is possible to get to Ginza, Shiodome, Shinbashi, Yurakucho and Toyosu in 10 minutes. It is no longer just a dream to walk to work for businessmen working in the city, and I expect a share house in such a great location like this is quite popular.

The ‘siete’ in the building name comes from the word for ‘7’ in Spanish, meaning 7 people can live in this share house at one time. The building is also newly constructed, its interior very nice and clean.

This is a 3 storey building with the 1F used as communal space, and the owner lives separated by one door on this level. Because of this it is possible to let the owner know if you have any questions or requests straight away, and this is one of the appeals of the house. The 2F and 3F are made up of rooms for tenants. There is also a garden on the rooftop, and come spring it should be blooming with brilliantly colored flowers. One idea would be to have a ‘hanami’ - that is, sit around with your housemates chatting, drinking and enjoying the flowers. In summer it is possible to see the Tokyo Bay Fireworks display, and events such as parties are held in the cool evenings at the same time. One appeal of living in this share house is the possibility to experience everything Japan’s four season’s has to offer.

How about you get you know Japan’s spectacular seasons at Siete Kachidoki, too? I think it’s a great opportunity for non-Japanese visitors coming to Japan to experience the four seasons! Alright then, onto the house!

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The exterior of Siete Kachidoki.

At first glance you get a lived-in feel from this old family home. The door is fitted with two locks.

An intercom with video has been installed on each floor. No need to come all the way downstairs to find out who is calling by.

You can store your shoes in this rack with 3 shelves per person.

Plenty of room for those with a lot of shoes like sneakers and pumps. There isn’t enough room to store shoes like long boots, however.

This free-standing basin is new and shiny! Recommended for those finicky about places where water is circulated.

There is a tub in the bathroom, perfect for relieving the stress of the day as you soak.

The Japanese-style toilet with washlet is enough to make anyone happy, but it is also decorated in this floral design. Such detailed consideration really shows the owner’s character.

Quite a stylish room here.

Here is the communal lounge on the 1F.

It feels very homely as if a family were living here.

In the kitchen there is a sink and gas stove with 3 burners, and beneath it, something no one living by themselves would have - an oven. Those who truly love cooking can use it to their heart’s content. Those who don’t cook can just look at it and brag to their friends I guess… (laughs)

The kitchen is complete with other cooking appliances such as a microwave oven.

There is a large cupboard in the communal lounge, and opening the doors you’ll find it packed with various types of dinnerware.

There are two ‘nabe’ pots on the bottom shelves, so you can have a great time eating with everyone talking about your dreams or telling funny stories (warning: try not to choke on your food when telling funny stories).


This is the staircase leading to the 2F and 3F. With a small window in the wall there is plenty of light.

The rooms begin at the top of the stairs. There is no bathtub on the 2F and 3F but there is a shower room.

You can assure your privacy with each room fitted with passcode locks.

A room on the 2F. A simple design based on a white color-scheme.

A room on the 3F. In stark contrast to the 2F, this is a more modern design with a black color-scheme. It’s up to you to choose the room you like best. Also, each room is equipped with a refrigerator but be careful as rooms are not furnished with beds.

The rooftop garden. A local landscaper created it himself!


What did you think of Siete Kachidoki? Recently in the share house industry there has been a shift towards interesting building designs, however I personally believe that getting a taste of ‘home’ in the big city isn’t a bad thing, either. In any case, this is a newly built house, and coupled with its great location it is filled with useful facilities while the rent is set at 75,000 Japanese yen. It would be quite difficult finding such a great room in the same location to live in by yourself.

Get a sense of satisfaction by riding around the neighborhoods of Ginza and Yurakucho on bicycle on your days off. You could even get up early and head over to the famous Tsukiji fish market and have some fresh seafood cuisine (although I myself would probably oversleep…)

There was only one room left available at Siete Kachidoki at the time this article was written, and as it is ‘moving season’ I get the feeling that the more popular properties are being fought over. It doesn’t hurt to call up about the places you are interested in though.

Here’s to a new shared lifestyle full of memories as you experience the seasons.

/Author: Kagawa

Siete Kachidoki
House DetailSiete Kachidoki
Area Kachidoki Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
Toei Oedo Line Kachidoki 4 mins walk
Hibiya Line Tsukiji 16 mins walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり
Now fully occupied