Relax both mind and body in this spacious house near Edogawa

A place suitable for any purpose or mood.

I myself am currently living in a sharehouse and through my personal experience I have found that one of the best things about living here is being able to move around from one room to another as I please.

Living in a sharehouse is a way to satisfy everything you want to do on an everyday level, be it talking to another person, concentrate on work, hang out with others watching a movie or playing a game, or even if you just want to relax.

Today we will showcase Comfort Minami-Nagareyama, a sharehouse one step ahead of the game with everything one could possibly need in anticipation of all possible desires. Starting with a spacious lounge room to sit back and relax in, the house also has an indoor fitness room for physical activities such as dance or yoga, a theatre room to enjoy watching films with housemates and an office area for concentrating on work or study. You can do whatever you like with rooms to suit any purpose.

This house is a dream come true for hard workers who would like to spend their private time more efficiently with everything you could possibly need at your fingertips.

Let’s have a closer look inside the house!!

「Comfort Minami-Nagareyama」House Details Page


Great location with easy access to IKEA, Shinmisato La Laport and Koshigaya LakeTown

Nearby Comfort Minami-Nagareyama are a variety of shops and businesses including a large shopping mall. Want to refurnish your room? All it takes is a quick trip over to IKEA. Want to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy? Just pop down to La Laport or Koshigaya LakeTown, both of which are conveniently located close by. If shopping isn’t quite your style, you can also enjoy the outdoors at the nearby park or river terrace.


In addition, the rooftop of the house is a spacious terrace where you can enjoy a BBQ on sunny days.


The view from the terrace is spectacular and I was told that you can see the Edogawa fireworks in the summer from up here.


A spacious, earthy lounge room to live it up and relax in

The living area is a wide, open space arranged with natural, earth-toned furniture with plenty of room to spare. A big common room is one of the distinctive features of a large-scale sharehouse.


The kitchen is also open and spacious. There are 3 sinks and 3 induction stove tops in the one room.


Enjoy yoga or dance in the comfort of your own home with fitness room adjacent to the lounge.


There is an L-shaped sofa in the living room. You can just imagine yourself here chatting with good friends while watching TV, can’t you?


The large wooden dining table is very handy for parties and events.


The lighting matches the interior design and casts just the right amount of brightness for relaxation.


Tables placed near the window evoke a café-like ambience for enjoying a relaxed conversation among friends over tea or coffee.


Individual storage shelves can be found next to the kitchen. Boxes are divided by room number can be used for storing spices, condiments and instant foods.


There are also a number of electrical appliances for you to use as you please.


Great range of shared facilities to choose from depending on your purpose or mood

There are are number of areas in the house to fulfil your needs and purposes in addition to the shared lounge room. The house is also an office, a movie theatre and a sento (Japanese bath house). A sharehouse of this scale is able to create such a luxurious living environment because of its size.


The theatre room. These massive, comfortable armchairs are great for sitting down and watching a movie for a long period of time.


The number of people who smoke may have remarkably reduced in recent years, but we can still say that smoking areas like this one are places that encourage communication.


There are plenty of bathrooms to go around, with washstands and female-only powder rooms on each level.


The washing machines are free to use.


The toilet.


The hallways are wide and emergency exits are kept clear.


As well as a regular, private bathroom there is also a communal bath that is like a sento (traditional Japanese bath house).




Single rooms help you to relax and maintain privacy.

With these fully-furnished rooms you can move in straight away with nothing but a suitcase. They are adequately roomy with plenty of storage space.

Managing this house is Oak House, sharehouse professionals with many other large-scale properties in their care. Properties housing a large number of tenants have been increasing of late and there is no doubt many people out there questioning the efficiency of the management systems within. The good thing about Oak House, however, is that an exclusive ‘house manager’ is attached to each sharehouse and should any trouble arise these managers are flexible and able to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner.

The area of Edogawa is distanced from the hustle and bustle of the city. When the going gets tough and you are worn out by work or study, take a walk down along the river to collect your thoughts while appreciating the flow of the water beside you.

While enjoying life with friends the character of the local community and surrounds will encourage you to look deep within yourself and become a better person.

Live amongst nature in a quiet residential neighborhood with the excitement of sharing a house with others and the solace of a comfortable environment adding color to otherwise ordinary days.