Can a women’s share house enhance your girl power?  The Ikebukuro Otome House.

Having experienced life studying abroad, with a glimmer in her eye the manager told us “living together in a share house is without a doubt much more fun than living alone.”  Looking back on her experience, she believed that “through mutual respect for one another, people can learn many things living together.”  Based on this premise, she established The Ikebukuro Otome Share House.

Hearing this story, you can tell they want tenants to have an experience that’s much more fun and meaningful than could be had living alone, and also get a sense of the courteous hospitality that can be expected living there.  Even if you stop by to get a look at the life here, it’s not about half-hearted retorts of “I’m home” and “welcome back” and conversation, but residents making use of what they know to do things such as learn how to cook together, improve their English, and other craftworks to better improve themselves.  In other words, through living here they can improve themselves as women.  This is the Ikebukuro Lady’s House, with an appealing atmosphere combining Eastern and Western elements.

「Ikebukuro Otome house」House Detail Page

The Living Room

Here’s a brief look at the living room.  The space uses three rooms that is fairly spacious for a few people. Nearby is “Rose Ikebukuro” which is run separately by the manager, and on occasion they come together to hold parties.

The Nameboards

These nameboards which decorate the doors of the rooms are said to have been made by hand by the manager.  Not simply the number of a room, but the names of flowers with a uniform design showing the thought that’s put into the share house.


First a quick look at the outside.  Made of reinforced concrete, its construction is very sturdy.

Here on the landing is a large window with parked bikes.

And now a shot of the entrance way.

The top of the shoe box has been decorated with flowers.

After passing through the entryway you’ll first come to the living room.  In the back is the kitchen, while the right hand side has the restrooms.

In the living room you can also enjoy the television and sofas.

Next to the sofa is indirect lightning.  Perhaps a bit rude, but we turned it on to get a look.  It gives the room a magical atmosphere.

Having large windows in the living room gives the space a more pleasant feel.

Without even thinking we took a shot of these decorative plants.  They really do create a calm setting.

A better shot of the window.

Here’s the living room from another angle.

Further in is the entrance to the individual rooms.

Here we have one of the room signs, said to be hand made by the manager.

Unfortunately, there were no vacancies when we came to visit, so we couldn’t take any pictures of the room’s interior.  We’re very sorry.  Please be sure to inquire if you plan to visit.

More artwork hanging on the wall that’s been hand made by the manager.

Here is the wash room, where you can also find the washing machine.

Above the washing machine is a shelf where you can find the residents personal items placed in baskets.

This is the shower room, which is actually fairly spacious.

This restroom has a uniform orange color that’s simply darling.

Here we sparked some conversation in the living room. We stayed for quite some time.

Communication between the residents and the manager is done here on the whiteboard.


Although the Ikebukuro Lady’s House utilizes 3 rooms which cannot accommodate a large number of people, the manager’s reasoning is that it creates a more relaxed and natural living situation for residents allowing everyone to quickly open up to each other.  Above all, the manager herself loves share houses, so she doesn’t see herself as just a manager but will also be there to support residents in troubled times.

 The share house is only 5 minutes away from Shimoitabashi Station, and the manager’s office is also within walking distance.  For women from across the region who’ve come to Tokyo, those who feel uneasy about living alone, or simply feel uncomfortable living in a larger share house, we believe you’ll be very happy living here.

At the time of this article’s publishing, 10/21/2011 (Fri), one room is expected to be available, so those who are interested please be sure to inquire.