Live your shared life in style while maintaining your privacy.

Today we stopped by Bluelia Minami-Senju, a female-exclusive share house in Minami-Senju. The stylish living room with its giant 46-inch screen television comes together with white walls and a large, comfortable sofa. The management team attach high importance to the protection of tenant privacy in share houses and this consideration can be felt all around the house. Working girls making it in the city are sure to love this place.

「Bluelia Minami-Senju」House Details Page (*Available in Japanese only)


The 36.73m² living room. The black sofa balances the white of the walls and gives a slight modern feel to the room. To say that the sofa is comfortable would be an understatement - it’s so big you can sprawl out on it and lose track of time.

A roof terrace

There is a spacious rooftop terrace on the 4F where you can hang out your futon with ease. The view is great and on sunny days you could even read a book on the balcony or chat with your housemates all night.


The exterior.

We’ll start from the entrance. Bicycles can be parked in front of the house here. Let’s open the orange door and head inside.

This is my first time visiting a house with a completely white color-scheme. The building nameplate is also quite stylish so here’s a shot of it for you.

From the front hallway the house is divided with a door leading to the living room and the staircase leading to the rooms.

Individual mailboxes are inside the front door.

Private shoe storage lockers for each tenant underneath the staircase.

Let’s first have a look at the 1F living room. This room has 2 comfortable sofa chairs.

Oh, and here’s another chair.This one is you can lie back and sprawl out on. One of the merits of living in a share house is that you wouldn’t be able to buy these things if you were living on your own.

The living room from a different angle. With large three sofa chairs and a giant TV you don’t need much else to keep yourself entertained with the other housemates.

Continuing on to the kitchen and dining area in the same room, a great place to sit down to a meal. Can you see the terrace out the back?

The terrace really got our attention so we headed out to have a look. It’s great that you can talk with people sitting outside while you’re in the dining area.

This is what it looks like outside. You can just imagine playing café out here on your days off.

Back to the kitchen. There are personal boxes for each tenant to store their cooking sauces and things. The boxes are fairly large so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a place for all of your things.

This is what the kitchen looks like. There are 2 large refrigerators.

Dinnerware, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, a rice cooker and a toaster oven are all provided so there is no need to buy anything extra on your own.

There are 3 communal showers on the 3F so there should always be one free.

2 washing machines have also been provided.

A toilet at the back of the 1F.

Let’s have a look upstairs, starting with 2F. The staircase, too, is pure white.

There is a large refrigerator provided on each floor. There’s no need to trek all the way downstairs for a drink when you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

This is what the hallways look like on each floor.

The toilet and bathroom on each floor.

A window at the landing of the staircase. The natural light coming in is lovely.

Climbing all the way up the stairs we find the door leading to the rooftop.

On the other side of the door is a wide, open rooftop. There is even a washing line so you can hang out your clothes on a sunny day.

There is also a storage shed. (You must confirm with the manager whether or not you can use it)

Outdoor lighting has also been installed.


My impressions from going to check out Bluelia is that the house is very white. There was almost no dirt or rubbish to be found, proof that the tenants are keeping it clean on a regular basis, nullifying any worry that maintaining cleanliness in a shared living environment is a difficult thing to do. I did think that perhaps the management has professional cleaners come in quite frequently, but was told that is not the case - the cleaner only comes in once a week so the tenants do their best not to mess things up. I didn’t quite believe it straight off the bat but it is apparently so.

 Minami-Senju is a lively, redeveloped neighborhood with shopping centers such as LaLaTerrace and Tsukuba Express, a very convenient area for those living nearby. The objective of Bluelia is to provide a place for girls giving their all in the city, be it as a student or working woman, and for those wanting to keep living costs down. Those looking for somewhere to live in order to go to school or commute to work should definitely check this place out. Also, I was told that long staying tenants never missing a rent payment can win an overseas holiday paid for by the managing company.


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