Growing and learning from one’s living circumstances

To live in a share house is to live with people you don’t know. You can’t avoid others as you would living alone.

People choose to live in share houses for different reasons, however many of them seek to learn and grow in such an environment.

Today we are introducing SHIP HATSUDAI, a social share house for young people earnestly striving for independence while supporting each other without having to rely on one’s parents.
I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a contribution to society, however there is certainly a lot to gain for those wanting to grow and learn something about themselves with these youngsters as they prepare to leap into society.

Living with inexperienced young adults is not all fun and games, and from time to time you will find yourself faced with delicate and complicated problems. That said, the point is not for the adult to fix these problems single-handedly, but to be compassionate and help them think things through. I also believe that there are many things you will learn from them, also.

Let’s get on with the introduction!!

「SHIP HATSUDAI」House Details Page


Main Lounge

The lounge extends out before you as you step through the front door. This creates an environment in which tenants can meet face to face and greet each other as they come home or leave for work.

The room is illuminated brightly from 4 pendant lights hanging above.

A white television blends in with the color-scheme.

Kitchen, Laundry and Toilet facilities

The kitchen is connected to the lounge and the standard devices have been installed. Great for having conversations while preparing dinner.

The laundry room, complete in a compact design with stand-alone basin, washing machine, shower room and bathroom.

The washing machine is free to use.

The bathroom. Great for those wanting to take a long, relaxing soak in the bath.

Or those just wanting to get in and out of the water quickly can use the shower room.

Here is another stand-alone basin.

The toilet comes with a Japanese-style washlet.


Private rooms

There is a total of 6 rooms in this house, and we’ll introduce the 2 that are up for rent at the moment. All furniture is from the popular brand ‘unico’.
(Photo: Room C)

Room B. A relaxed ambiance unified by a natural color-scheme.

There are hanging hooks on the wall and metal fixtures suspended from the ceiling for drying clothes inside.

A simple wooden rack with glass doors great for displaying your favorite things.

Room C. As this room is facing south it as excellent exposure to natural light. The room has been designed in a natural style.

This rack has been divided into 6 areas and is great for a variety of uses. It would look great if you store the same kind of items in each block.

The room lighting is made up of these 4 connecting spotlights. I personally like that it doesn’t make the room too bright.

We’re not allowed to show you the outside of the house for security reasons so we’ll just touch on the features out here. The door opens via passcode.

A small, stylish water well has been installed as a counter-measure in times of emergency.

The entrance is decorated with brightly colored flowers.


Managing SHIP HATSUDAI is NPO Houjin Bridge for Smile, a company which began in foster care and started creating share houses in an effort to help support the independence of young people as they come into adulthood and out into society. Finding a job and a place to live is a major worry of these youngsters, and it is quite difficult money-wise especially for those desiring to go into further education as they have to pay school fees and living expenses themselves. Moreover, coming out of the foster care system and being thrust into an environment in which they must do everything for themselves is not easy.

In this share house, not only is the monthly rent controlled, but youths gain connections with others just like them, and can gain peace of mind from talking about their troubles together.

Furthermore, the owner understands the importance of supporting the independence of young adults and, wanting to create a residence to help others, decided on this type of share house. The owner lives on the 2nd floor of the house, so if ever anything happens they can be consulted immediately. The management team also come together with the owner and tenants for house meetings and an exchange of opinions. With a strong support system in place anyone can move in without worry.
(※ as of September 2012 all rooms are full, however those interested are encouraged to let management know in order to be contacted when one is available)

Many different concept share houses have been created lately, including a house catering to single-mothers, aimed at tenants helping and supporting one another. “A person trying their best to give support to another often ends up being the one receiving support from others,” says the management staff, and these words echo deeply in my mind. One learns and grows from their living circumstances - and that is something that can be said from everyone involved in this particular share house.

/Author: Kagawa