“My favourite place in the whole world is in the kitchen”

So begins world-renowned Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto’s debut novel, ‘Kitchen’, and when I first got my hand on the book as a student I couldn’t really understand why a kitchen, an essential area in any home, could be so great. 

As time went on and and I began to look at the world through more adult eyes, I began to understand the appeal of a kitchen as not just a place to cook and eat, but as somewhere to connect with others, be it chatting with friends or holding parties.

Today we introduce to you TABERU Saginomiya, a female-exclusive share house managed by Meisei Kentetu Kogyo with ‘food’ as its concept. The house is a 2-minute walk from Saginomiya station on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

The purpose of the house is to provide a relaxing place for women who love cooking and eating food.

You can just imagine everyone getting together and having a good time in the kitchen with its pots, tableware and fresh coffee maker just waiting to be used and the main lounge with its chocolate-colored dining table. 

Those of you thinking that it would be much more fun living with others than by themselves should definitely check out this house!

「TABERU Saginomiya」House Details Page

Living Space

The chic, subdued main living room is big enough for the 5 tenants to relax in.


Nearby Saginomiya station is surrounded with shops reminiscent of old and with a delicatessen located right near the station exit you will find yourself dropping by of a night on your way home.



The exterior

The exterior. With a coin parking lot next door it’s easy to invite your friends over for parties and other events.

There is a simple yet cute nameplate at the front entrance. The letter ‘U’ has been printed in the design of a fork which is fantastic.

Heading inside we are greeted with the high ceiling of the front hallway. Sunlight filtering in from the window makes a very pleasant atmosphere.

The bookshelf is filled with books and magazines related to food.

Main Lounge

The communal living and dining room on the 2F. The relaxed color tones of the interior make for an easy-going, adult-like atmosphere. With this amount of space you could even throw parties and invite a large number of people.

There is no boundary between the living, dining and kitchen, making the area quite spacious as you can tell from this angle.

Round placemats are set out on the dining room table.

The ornaments hanging from the opposite white wall match with the lighting to create an asian-style theme.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet facilities

The kitchen counter looks somewhat picturesque with the wine glasses, cups and straws lined up along the bench. The dining table is right beside the kitchen, making it easy to chat with everyone while cooking or eating.

The U-Shaped kitchen has plenty of space for the house’s 5 tenants.

The kitchen is complete with a variety of home appliances such as a coffee maker, toaster, rice cooker and an electric pot.

The microwave is a HELSIO microwave. Using steam created from temperatures above 100℃ to rid foods of oil and salt and prepare healthy recipes without losing inherent nutrients.

There is also a dish-washing machine, making doing the washing up a breeze.

Beside the kitchen is the toilet, bathroom and washbasin.

Here is the bathroom. Melt away your exhaustion by having a nice, warm soak.


Private Rooms

This is what the rooms look like. Fully-furnished with desk, closet and air-conditioner. Hide yourself away from the weather outside by closing the storm shutters.(Room1A)

The hallway.

There is a unit bathroom on the 1F which can be used for a quick shower when the 2F bathroom is being used.

Room 1B.

The 2F.

There is also plenty of storage space even if you have a little too much stuff.

This unique room on the 2F comes with a loft! It might just bring out the child in you.

Let’s have a look at the neighborhood around the house. Immediately in front of the station is a Karaage shop and a Yakitori shop that is recommended by the management.

You can buy ingredients from the stalls along the river in front of the station at cheaper prices than the supermarket.

The buses are also very convenient. You can get to places like Ogikubo and Asagata in 15-20 minutes.


TABERU Saginomiya’s managing company, Meisei Kentetu Kogyo, is a business that reforms houses and apartments in Tokyo and Nakano and is involved in construction of made-to-order homes. They pride themselves on creating environments in which people can live comfortably.

While the ‘TABERU’ series of houses have been created with the concept of ‘food’ in mind, it is not forced upon the tenants, and the company plans on really getting into the share house industry and making houses in line with tenant desires and opinions. By talking with the staff I came to feel as though they provide a kind of warmth in their interaction while maintaining a comfortable distance with the tenants.

Also, tenants in the TABERU series receive a bottle of wine hand selected by the staff each month, so those of you who love wine (and even those of you who don’t) should definitely inquire about this property.

In our busy everyday lives we feel the need to work as hard, if not harder, than those around us and we are unable to convey what is truly on our minds.

How about treating yourself to some time with the other tenants or even inviting your friends around, opening a bottle of wine and preparing good food to take the weight off of your shoulders? This house may just become your own favorite place in the world.

It’s not such a bad thing to create a place for your hard-working self to relax in.


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