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The other day I wandered into a bookstore and in one of the books I ended up buying there was a story about how the world’s greatest business person wasn’t Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, but Mother Theresa.

I had thought of her to be more of a catholic nun or saint than a business woman, but finding out that with only 500 rupees in funds she constructed and developed the world’s largest organization, Missionaries of Charity, I agree that there has been no one with as much influence and achievements quite like her even to this day.

A management centered on ‘love’ is a good thing. A woman’s ability to communicate creating and strengthening bonds between people is something increasingly sought after in this day and age, and come to think of it, when compared with other industries there are quite a lot of professional females working in the share house business.

A share house is essentially many people living under one roof, and as such it is necessary to pay attention to every little detail from communal living rules to the size of the pot lids from a hygiene perspective in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for the tenants to live in. I have heard stories about newly opened share houses failing because of the stress of management, so I think one good indicator when choosing a place to live is to look at how long the management company has been in the industry.

Today we are introducing Korento House Omori, a share house 5-minutes walk from Shinagawa-ku’s Oomori Kaigan station. The company managing this house, Korento, specialized in developing female-exclusive share houses in June, 2006 long before share houses as we know them today came to be. As expected from a company which has grown and evolved through much trial and error, tenants can appreciate the attentive service and consideration that comes with such experience.

The media hypes up anything new, extravagant or unique, including many share houses fitting this description, however for those of you who seeking to live in a female-exclusive share house and think that there is more to it than that, perhaps this house and its management is just what you need. So, without further ado, here is Korento House Omori.

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This is the front entrance. Take off your shoes, sit down and take a deep breath, or even let out a big sigh - here is the perfect place for it.


Looking in from the entrance. The door on the right leads to the lounge, the others to tenants’ rooms.


This is the lounge. In this main communal area there are two white sofas and a kitchen at the back.


The sofa and television fosters communication among tenants. I’m sure there are those of you out there who love to sit around and chat in places like this.


There is no boundary between the lounge and kitchen, creating a spacious atmosphere in which tenants can communicate with those in the lounge while in the kitchen preparing a meal.


There is a gas stove top and large sink. This type of stove is found in many households and is easy to use.


The toilet. The sunlight filtering in gives a cheerful look.


The bathroom is complete with free-standing basin, washing machine, dryer and everything else you could need.


Use of the washing machine and dryer is free.


The pink color-scheme of the bathroom is quite impressive and is a place to liven any girls mood.



Room 5011. In Japanese-style and with 16.5㎡ of space it is ample room for one person. (Rent: 63,000 yen)


The two cupboards can be used for storage space, plenty of room even for those with a lot of stuff.


Room 5012. A western-style room with floorboards and 13,55㎡ of space. (Rent: 64,000 yen)


Plenty of space to store things in the closet and comes with a full-length mirror any girl would love to have. Use it to give your outfit one last look-over before heading out!


The view from the rooms are spectacular. Without any buildings blocking the way you can see quite far. (View from Room 5011)


The rooms are all on the 5F, so you can look down on bright red trains of the Keikyu line. (View from room 5012)


Korento Omori may not be furnished with fancy facilities, however you can still spend your days here in a safe environment, being comfortable and relaxing with your fellow tenants while gazing out at the view from the house.

In regards to the name, Korento, I actually thought it came from the English word ‘co-rent’ which would be quite fitting in the share house industry, however it is apparently Finnish for ‘dragonfly.’

The name was given in hope that the tenants too, like dragonflies, will spread their wings and grow into themselves slowly and steadily. When you think about it, shared living is a lifestyle in which you come in contact with many different sets of values. It’s a place where those searching for their true selves can find where they belong and their purpose in life.

Of course, one can’t find the place in which the belong so easily, and I don’t think it is necessarily something that must be found right away, however whatever is lacking when living alone may be found in abundance when living with others. 

I might have been showing off a little by saying something like that, but the manager of the house then said to me, “We do want to support the tenants by giving them the peace of mind needed to create their own futures,” and hearing this I hope just quietly that this share house will lead to deep relationships never seen before between the staff and tenants.

Mother Theresa apparently once said looking upon wealthy Japan that “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”. In Japanese society today shared living has not just become popular because of its convenience and economic merits, and I pray that it gets more recognition as a legitimate way of life for many, many more people.

Come to think of it, the very first time I went to the Korento offices I received a business card that had written on the back not just the properties managed, but this phrase:

“Supporting your first step towards the future”

Visiting the Korento Omori share house, I really felt that someone who can introduce themselves so straight-forward like that, regardless of gender, must be pretty cool.

/Author: Kagawa

Korento House Omori
House DetailKorento House Omori
Area 3-chome, Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
12 min walk from Omorikaigan Sta.
Condition Female
Now fully occupied