2020 may be depressing for many of you and unable to enjoy yourself due to lack of opportunities to enjoy socializing with others. Even though the situation is getting better, you sure felt a little reluctant to have dinner parties or travel.

But by traveling, you get a moment of unusualness.

The purpose of traveling may vary from person to person.

To forget about work and to refresh. Or for some people, there might be no purpose, but to feel something new. 

But surely experiencing real things is very important and invaluable in life.

This time, we would like to introduce Kamikita House, which is located 5 minutes away from Kamikitazawa Station by walk.

The concept of the house is "live like a journey".

By getting involved in a house with people who are curious about various things and who are expanding their horizons, you may be able to discover new discoveries and feel the excitement that you can't experience in your daily life, as you would when traveling.

In addition, sometimes by collaborating, you will be able to do things that you could not do when you are alone. 

KAMIKITA HOUSE is shared by both men and women,134 households with 8-storey. Sure to be a fun place to meet students and professionals, as well as people of many different nationalities.

Let's take a look inside the house! 

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Kamikita lounge (1)

A public square where interaction naturally occurs

This is the lounge space, located just beside the entrance. It is a space where people can spend their time in various ways, which creates spontaneous interactions with housemates. Some people are painting here, others are chatting, others are sleeping... It's just like an European square.

Projector is also equipped at the common space, so if you want to organize an event here, you can hold a talk show, seminar, or anything else, would be a perfect place.

Also, the staff is at the reception desk from morning to night, so if you have any problems, you can talk to them right away. Also the manager of the house often visits the house. When I visited the house for the interview, the manager was there, and sensed a good relationship between the residents and the manager right away. Those who are living in a share house for the first time can feel at ease. 

living theater (1) Kamikita living2 (1)
This is the screen, the cinema room will be introduced later. You must doubt that this is a sharehouse. It is a surprisingly large space.
kamikita (1) 6F living (1)
Living room on the 4th floor. There is a mini-kitchen, so snacks can be eaten here as well. Living room on the 6th floor. You can feel a different atmosphere.



kitchen Kamikita (1)

The kitchen is the best place to socialize

This is the kitchen and dining room located in the first floor annex. Of course, you can come and go between the main building and the annex freely.

Cooking and eating together in a shared living situation is a great opportunity to start a conversation, and I think it would be a very enjoyable time, which makes the kitchen and dining space so important.

There are seven kitchens at KAMIKITA HOUSE, so you can choose a relatively free space to use, and it's nice to think that everyone is communicating in the kitchens and making original dishes from different countries. Culture exchange surely exists in this house.

I feel that this kitchen is even more enjoyable for those who love to cook because it is equipped with a commercial refrigerator, induction heater, dishwasher, and other hardware.

Kamikita kitchen3 (1) Kamikita kitchen5(1)
Such a luxurious and spacious kitchen. Could be a great time chatting in the box.
Kamikita kitchen4 (1) Kamikita kitchen (1)
The view from the outside. It's really stylish. This is the kitchen and dining room on the 7th floor.



Kamikita room2 (1)

Rooms are designed for single-person living 

KAMIKITA HOUSE has 100 single rooms, 17 double rooms and 32 six-person rooms.

All rooms are equipped with a shower, toilet, and washroom. This is a very rare case for share houses, so you can enjoy personal time while socializing with others.

The picture above is a room for a single person. The storage space under the bed is a nice touch, and for those of you who have rooms for two or six, you can leave your suitcases underneath, so you can store your summer clothes or winter clothes depending on the season. They are also separated by soundproof and light-blocking curtains, so you'll be able to get some time alone.

Kamikita room (1) Kamikita room3 (1)
This is a room for two. The room can be separated by a central curtain. This is a room for 6 people. It's going to be a fun life!
Kamikita shower (1) Kamikita bass (1)
It's a shower room, just like in a hotel. A clean washroom is a delight.



Kamikita  work (1)

Complete Living in the House 

This is the spacious "study room" of course there is space to work in your room, but those of you who work from home will be very happy to have an environment where you can switch work environments inside the house.

There are four private rooms here, divided into ABCDs, so you can use them for online meetings or to share some work with the housemates.

Also, in the cinema room, you can enjoy watching movies with your housemates on the "couches that ruin people". Once again I have felt that by looking at this sharehouse, the concept of a share house has changed!

Kamikita workroom (1) Kamikita sinema (1)
It's a great private room for those who work from home or take online classes. Watching a movie with your housemates, it's going to be a fun time.
Kamikita laundry (1) Kamikita Terrace (1)
The washer and dryer are installed. More facilities will be installed on rooftop very soon. Stay tuned!
Kamikita bike (1)
There is a bicycle storage area.. The house is so spacious that you need a floor map.


Kamikita HAUS (1)

The value of real interactions rises

What did you think of the house? I feel that it's no exaggeration to say that this is a top-grade share house, both in terms of hardware and software. The manager, Uninesto LLC, originally ran a student dormitory, and they put a great deal of importance on building relationships with residents and creating a system where people can enjoy living together, and I think you'll get a strong sense of the "goodness of communal living".

I think that having a "housemate" who is neither a work colleague nor an old friend will be even more refreshing and enrich the daily life of an adult.

As we spend more and more time online, the year 2020 will see a keen desire for real interaction. If you're considering a share house for this new era, why not try living a "life like a journey" at KAMIKITA HOUSE?


/Author: Katsumi, Photo:Ishikawa


Area 4-6-5 Shimotakaido Suginami-ku Tokyo 168-0073
Rent ¥106,000 ~ ¥140,000
Keio Line Kamikitazawa Station 5 min on foot
Keio Line Sakurajosui Station 10 min on foot
Condition Male, Female, 特に無し

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