HR_chanoyaKizunaya_eng Once upon a time, during the Sengoku (Warring States) period. 

Sen no Rikyu introduced a small entrance to the teahouse called "nijiriguchi". At a time when the relationship between master and servant was strong, warriors were not allowed to enter the teahouse unless they removed their swords and bowed their heads, with the intention of allowing everyone to spend time equally in the teahouse in a calm space. It is said that Nobunaga gladly accepted this proposal and became interested in the world of tea, with Sen no Rikyu as his teacher. 

This time we're going to introduce you to Kizuna House - chanoya - Osaka Tengachaya, the first share house in Japan to be converted from a former ryokan with a tea ceremony room. As you talk with your housemates from different backgrounds, you'll get to know each other better over a cup of tea. The best part of a share house, where the interaction between residents is sure to take place in a friendly atmosphere.

Kizuna-san, the manager of chanoya, values community building, and each house has at least one community manager. Though rather acting as a manager, she follows up on the community to create an environment where it's easy to open up the resident's feelings. So I think you can live in a place where you can feel at ease even if you have some concerns about living with others. 

Also, as this is an experience-based on share house, we're looking forward to the opportunity to interact with people through tea ceremony, but chanoya isn't just geared towards tea lovers, so those who don't know much about tea or who are new to share houses can enjoy a fulfilling life here as well!

Let's take a closer look inside the House right away!


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 A living room that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings.

 As soon as you pass through the auto-locked entrance, you'll find a shared space renovated from the Japanese style inn on the first floor. The living room is spacious enough for a share house of 20 people. As you can see, you can enjoy a number of different scenes within the living room, so it looks like you can spend your time at your own pace, depending on your mood. Although not pictured here, there's a chair and desk in the back, perfect for when you want to work or study. It's a great space, especially for those who live in a dormitory.

The narrow path leading to the front door, it's so stylish to start your day by walking here.

Dining with your housemates at this long table is sure to become an everyday routine.




 A kitchen that creates conversations

 There's plenty of space to cook with your housemates, and there's also a bar counter so you can enjoy socializing while you cook. Of course, the kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, toaster oven, rice cooker, dishes, and other kitchen appliances, so there's no need to bring anything.

 Also, the table in the kitchen was made by Kizuna-san in Osaka with people from the other 3 share houses he manages. This was so that residents feel like they were involved in its creation. That's why they've left a blank space in the house from the time it was designed, so that the residents can leave their own traces. It's a wonderful idea, isn't it?  

If you mingle while cooking, you will get to know each other even better.

Rice eaten with tea from around the world. You can enjoy your meal even more, can't you?


















A complete 3-point unit

All rooms are equipped with a 3-piece unit with bath, toilet, and washroom. Even those who are new to share houses can live in with no worries. Also, as a former inn, the house wasn't designed to have a lot of storage space, but there's space under the bed, so if you're willing to purchase your own storage items, you'll be able to live more conveniently. As I mentioned earlier, there are some DIY storage shelves in the dormitory, and you can feel the warmth of the house here as well. 

The private room from a different angle.
Mirrors, TV and even a refrigerator. You can spend quality time in your room as well.

The first floor is for men only, the second and third floors are for women only.

The shoji screens allow light to pass through, so the room doesn't feel completely closed off, and if you close them with roll curtains, you can have a private space at the same time. 

In the foreground are the storage shelves that are made by housemates.. It makes the room look even more adorable, doesn't it?

This is a Japanese style room. It's basically designed to accommodate two people, but families with children are welcome to stay. There is an additional 10,000 yen per additional adult as a common service charge. If a child is included in the room, an additional 5,000 yen will be charged.

This is a Japanese-style room with a washroom and shower room. All rooms are equipped with a 3-point unit, so you don't have to wait for a shower or a toilet in the morning.





A community spreading from tea  

This tea room, located in the living room, is a true symbol of Chanoya. Socializing with your housemates while tasting tea from around the world. You can enjoy a moment that would not be possible if you lived alone. Of course, you can also relax and laze around. It's a great way to relax in the midst of your busy life.

We have a variety of teapots to make sure you can enjoy the best tea from around the world.

There are 3 washing machines and a dryer for 100 yen per 20min.

















What do you think of the house? In addition to the spacious areas for socializing, there are plenty of private rooms, so you'll be able to enjoy living at your own pace.

It's only an 8 minute walk to Tengachaya Station and a 4 minute train ride to Namba, so it's a very convenient location for getting to the major tourist spots in Osaka.

In addition, the service here at "chanoya" is amazing. As an experience-based concept share house, it offers a variety of experience-based content that gives residents a chance to interact with each other.

First of all, there's a monthly subscription service where you can drink a cup of tea from around the world. In this service, a tea instructor affiliated with Kizuna-ya will recommend a cup of tea each month, which will be given to the residents as a gift. This is a service that I probably wouldn't have experienced if I didn't live in chanoya.

They also plan to invite tea pickers and tea farmers from Kyoto to teach them how to make matcha tea on an irregular basis. We've heard a lot of really exciting plans for this and many more.

If you love tea, you'll love tea even more. If you're not a tea lover, this is a great way to start a new interest in tea. How about experiencing a moment of peace of mind surrounded by the familiar Japanese culture of tea at Kizuna House -chanoya- in Osaka's Tengachaya area? You're sure to meet a wonderful new you and the residents who will become your second family.


 (Image courtesy of Kizuna-ya Co.)

Writer: Katsumi



kizunaya sharehouse -chanoya- Osaka Tengachaya
House Detailkizunaya sharehouse -chanoya- Osaka Tengachaya
Area 6-5, 1 Hanazonominami, Osaka Nishinari-ku, Osaka
Rent ¥27,000 ~ ¥65,000
Nankai Electric Railway Tengachaya 8 mins on foot
Condition Male, Female




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