The story of an interesting idea, where interesting people gather to create an interesting place

“I want to open a share house were creative people can start from scratch and express their talent through their environment.”

This is the story I heard from the manager of Share Design, and the first time I visited Share Designer’s College Tama Plaza was last year in December.

 Because the building itself is an establishment limited to 3 years, every room and shared space can be freely redecorated, making for a rather interesting design that gets one’s heart racing.  While very curious as to what kind of people would gather here and what type of living space it will evolve into, Share Designer’s College Tama Plaza opened successfully without any problems, and recently a “school entrance ceremony” event was held to which I was invited!

 As the cherry blossoms bloom in this season of partings and new encounters, I’d like to think everyone’s new beginnings are already underway.  However, for the people who moved into this share house, this event gave the impression that perhaps their days of laughter and fun have only just begun.  So let’s have a look!

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Before the event, I took a look around the entire share house.  Compared to the way it looked half a year ago, the transformation is unbelievable with a somewhat extravagant atmosphere about the place.

There was antique furniture and a billiard table in the living room space, and in the kitchen there was a professional gas burner, a beer dispenser, and to my surprise a pizza kiln!

The individual rooms, the wall of the shoe rack, etc., they’ve all changed into spaces overflowing with originality combining various ideas.  I heard it was all customized through the workshops the residents participated in, and the process of all the residents creating things together seems  effective.

 So, when I went into the living room area, a household Shinto shrine had been set up, and a head priest was already preparing to say prayers.  There were a few residents already present who seemed to be feeling a sense of wonderment from the somewhat stately atmosphere of the room, but when everyone arrived the entrance ceremony finally began.

First, there was a congratulations for the opening of Share Designer’s College Tama Plaza, and a prayer from the head priest of the Ichigayakamegaoka Hachiman Shrine.

I think he was praying to the house guardian or a god of artisanship so that no calamities would befall the share house and also for the happiness and well being of the residents.  Following the head priest was a representative from the management, Mr. Asao, as well as a representative from the residents to say a prayer.

Finally, the residents received yet another prayer and blessing from the head priest.

After the prayers were over, we took a drink of the sacred wine that was placed on the altar, to receive spiritual power from the gods... I think.  Anyway, we made a toast and began the celebration!  After the toast, I also had an interesting talk with the manager, and the living room space was filled with laughter.

A surprise from the guys of the house?  It turns out they prepared a cake so everyone could celebrate the entrance ceremony together.  When cutting up the cake, there was a small incident where the flowers the guy in the picture was holding caught on fire, but this just made everyone laugh.

Now then, there were several residents who are seriously pursuing careers in music, and they decided to put on a performance for us.  There were a lot of residents that were also meeting for the first time so it was very interesting.

The first to sing for us was Ryu, a singer and song writer who was born and raised in Italy.

 The living room space fell silent in an instant, and amidst the tension in the air, a rich and powerful voice slowly spread across the room.

You could say it was a powerful and yet slightly delicate voice.  The song had a creative rhythm and lyrics, as well as an expressive view of the world.

 With the seemingly natural combination of his voice with the music and lyrics in this comfortable setting, everyone watched attentively not making a move.

After the second song ended, next a guitar player suddenly stepped in and it became a collaboration performance.
This wasn’t previously arranged?  And can he ad-lib on the spot?  Pretty impressive.

The lyrics also changed and the song had an up-tempo feel to it.   It’s fascinating how music can completely change the atmosphere.

When the song ended, the guy playing the guitar sang a song by himself.  Although he was still 18, he had a very honest way of singing that really reaches people. 

Perhaps I was touched by his sense of purity, but I suddenly thought of how wonderful songs are.

Next, one of the residents enthusiastically yelled “Jean’s a great singer too!”
Then, suddenly out of nowhere people started clapping, and unable to refuse, Jean had to sing. (lol)

 When he sang, it was really great.  It looked like everyone there was having a great time.

Finally, the guitarist from earlier performed along with his band.  The atmosphere of the room resembled a live concert more so than a share house, but I think there may be a day in the near future when a genuine live concert is held here.

 When I talked with the band members, I was surprised to hear they had just graduated from high school and moved in to continue their music careers in Tokyo.  A group of people with such big dreams and ambitions taking action and living together was simply astounding.

“it looks like I can do some interesting things here.”,“It looks pretty fun.”,“Looks like I can meet a lot of different people.”

While there were a lot of creative people you wouldn’t normally meet such as actors, artists, and performers, these are some of the reasons they decided to move in.

While Share Designer’s College Tama Plaza location, a 15 minute walk from Tama Plaza station, is not what one would call the ideal location, all the rooms are already occupied and there are people waiting for openings.  While I think location is very important in the world of real estate, what those interested in living in a share house are looking for may be something different.  

One must not forget that Share Designer’s College Tama Plaza’s facilities will only be available for 3 years.  After the 3 years are up, there may be a “graduation” event, and just thinking of how this share house will transform in that time is simply another part of the fun.

 As there also appear to be tenants who are here only for a short time stay, those who’d like to create stories together with the other tenants or participate in events at the share house, please be sure to send in an inquiry.  As soon as there’s a space available, we’ll let you know.

 An interesting idea, where interesting people gather and naturally create an interesting place.  This is definitely the impression I got from the Share Designer’s College Tama Plaza entrance ceremony.

/Author: Moriyama

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