Something special is bound to be created in this atelier share house: Chez toi MALUKI

Today we are introducing Chez toi MALUKI, a share house by Stones Co. Ltd. The concept is “an atelier share house” and as such it is very spacious and you can exit outside directly from the communal lounge. You are bound to make progress working away at your project under the gentle rays of the sun. It is also a place where you can fully experience the changes and new discoveries of each day with the changing of the seasons.

The name of the house, Chez toi, means ‘your house’ in French. True to its name, it is a house in which the tenants help themselves to grow, a place where they can create and express themselves. I expect one would get excited in anticipation of this.

There are also many different ways to relax when feeling tired, including stretching out on the big sofa drinking a coffee or even enjoying eating dinner with everyone around the table. Move on over to the kitchen counter for some alcohol and feel as if you are sitting in a bar.

Chez toi MALUKI is quite far from the nearest train station, a 15-minute bus ride from Musashi-Kosugi station then a 2-minute walk from the bus stop. However, the house is in a very serene neighborhood making it the perfect place to create.

Let’s move on to the house!

「Chez toi MALUKI」House Details Page


The exterior of Chez toi MALUKI.

It may look like all the other houses in the area, but the interior is full of new ideas and innovations.

The Chez toi MALUKI nameplate. I personally like the metallic quality here.

A mailbox for every room. The design is very cute, don’t you think?

A blackboard for communication between tenants and the management staff. Using a blackboard instead of a white board takes us back to the past, to elementary school when we would scribble graffiti all over the one in the classroom.

The interior of the building is full of new ideas and innovations.

Before taking your shoes off in the front hallway there is a door on the left side leading to the communal lounge.

You can wear your shoes right up to where the floor changes height. There are four windows in here so there is no need to turn on the lights during the day.

Gorgeous lighting has been installed above the dining table, creating somewhat of an extravagant ambiance. Drink cocktails at the counter in the kitchen to feel as though you’re sitting in a bar.

The kitchen comes with all of the general cooking appliances so making dinner is a breeze.

There is also a large sofa near the entrance, perfect for relaxing.

A relaxed atmosphere in which one can gain peace of mind.

Returning to the front entrance from the lounge and heading upstairs, we find the rooms, washbasins and the bathroom.

There are two washing machines here.

Shelves in the bathroom are divided by room number and tenants can keep items such as shampoo and soap in here.

The shower room.

There is also bathroom with a tub so you can have a good, relaxing soak. I’m sure there will be those happy to know that it also includes a feature to reheat bathwater.

The toilet.


The 2F and 3F hallways.

The washing machines, washbasins and bathroom with tub are on this floor.

Room 302.

With 10.1㎡ of space there is plenty of room for one person.

There is also a big closet for storage, making moving in a breeze for those with heaps of luggage.

Looks like you can store a lot of stuff in here.


Thank you for reading through to the end of the article! How did you find Chez toi MALUKI? No doubt many of you were thinking about what kind of life you would lead here and what kind of creations you would come up with, right? I’d be really happy if you did. Imagination is the first step towards creation! In this share house you are sure to feel as though you can accomplish even the most difficult of ideas.

That said, I do believe that share houses are places rich in creativity, as well as the lifestyle that comes hand in hand with them.

Sharpen your senses and fulfill your creative desires everyday here at Chez toi MALUKI!

/Author: Kagawa

Chez toi Maluki
House DetailChez toi Maluki
Area Shimonoge, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Rent ¥45,000 ~ ¥48,000
15 min bus to Musashi kosugi Sta
Condition Male, Female