Treasure your life even when you’re busy.

7 minutes walk from either Shimosa-Nakayama station of JR Chuo-Sobu line or  Baraki-Nakayama station of Tokyo metro Tozai line stands “Share Residence Ichikawa”, a large scale 4 stories share house with 50 individual rooms. You may be surprised by its’ substantial facilities! Almost everything you wish for a share house is there. Music room, gym, billiard table, coffee machine, bar counter, karaoke, piano, music sequencer, and dumbell. It’s like a treasure box full of hobbies for adults. Quite exciting to imagine what and where to use for both work and free time. Easy access to the facilities will make it less challenging to start something new. You may find another aspect of you.

A supermarket open 24 hours, convenience store, and drugstore are nearby so you can complete shopping for daily goods without going elsewhere. Buy in bulk on weekends if you have a car, bicycle, or motorcycle! You can park your vehicle at the parking lot of the house.

I highly recommend this house to those who consider house as “a place only to sleep”. Cook dishes, enjoy your free time to the fullest, and work out. The lifestyle you never thought would be possible is realizable right here. I feel my desire of living a different lifestyle growing more and more by looking into the house.

Let’s open this big door and look further into this exciting house to understand and imagine what the life here would be like.

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Vast lounge space, surrounded by warmth of wood.

Relaxing spacious living room. Dining tables for 6 and 4 people, bar counter, sofa, and counter for single person. There are various types of seats here. About one-third of first floor is dining room so that even if residents gather all at once, there’s still enough space.

You can peek into the kitchen at the further back of the dining room. Imagine yourself enjoying home party in the dining room with dishes cooked at the kitchen in the back.

Bar counter is great for chatting. Get your worries off your chest by seeking some advice from your share mates with a drink in hand.

living5 living3
A view of the living room from the kitchen. Seat by a window. Seems great for reading books.
living6 living4
Several types of seats you can select according to a purpose. The books are displayed as interiors but of course you can actually read them.




100% satisfaction! Commercial kitchen is at your service. Let’s throw a home party!

You probably thought this is a restaurant’s kitchen. Well, this is a kitchen of the share house. Addition to its’ more than enough space, look at the various kitchen items lined up! It’s really hard to gather this much of items if you’re living alone.

Not only that you can cook with several share mates at once, but also, with this much of space, can you imagine for how many people can you cook at once? Find the answer for yourself!

kitchen5 kitchen2
 There are more than enough items for cooking with several people. Enjoy preparing dishes with your close friends!
kitchen3 kitchen
These items in the pictures seems great for party use. Free use of professional items are one of the privilege of living in a share house.



 Simple but not the same. Find your favorite!

Now, let me introduce the individual rooms of Share Residence Ichikawa. On the first floor are common spaces such as living room and shower rooms. On the second to fourth floor are private rooms. Each rooms are different in size, facility, wallpapers and so on. Find your favorite by going to private viewing.

The rooms are fully secured with digital self-locking system.

Lively atmosphere with 50 individual rooms in total is one of the feature of the share house, but it’s quite necessary for people to have their private space private. Naturally designed rooms are great for having your own time to yourself.

214 room
Desk and chair are equipped in every room. Some rooms have kitchen.
404 411
Simple and functional. Exquisite colored wall.




 Color your daily life with rich facilities.

There are various facilities here at Share Residence Ichikawa. Music room, fitness studio, billiard table, and etc・・・it’s too much to list up here so go and see for yourself.

Music room is soundproof so no need to worry about others like you would if you’re living in an apartment. Practice whenever and as much as you like.

Fitness room is equipped with items to train your body. Ballet poll, yoga mat, dumbbell, and balance balls are some of them. Challenge new exercises.

facility2 fitness
Play or listen. Lots of ways to use the room. This is a view of fitness studio.
fitness3 bar2
Enough items to train at home. Enjoy genuine coffee with this machine.



 A lifestyle not realizable living by yourself.

 Share design Inc. runs this share house. They hold a theme “ENJOY” and runs series of unique share houses. This spirit is reflected fully in Share Residence Ichikawa. Music room, bar counter, fitness room...savor all types of “ENJOY” aspects!

Work out at gym after work and practice instruments on weekends. It is often difficult to practice in single room apartment because of the sound and limited space. Some even go out to practice few times a week spending their time and money.

You can be free from all this inconvenience once you move into Share Residence Ichikawa!

Grab music instruments and start practicing right after getting home from work. Save studio rental fee and purchase new instruments with the money. Get off from treadmill and challenge ballet with share mates as your coach.These are choices you can make by moving in.

There are plenty of ways to enrich your daily life more at the house. What will you choose? Come and find the new aspect of you in Share Residence Ichikawa.


/Author:Eri, Photo: Sugi