What makes shared house life so interesting… 2) Warm companionship!

Many residents living in shared houses when asked about what the merits of living there are will answer, “Warmth.” Though you are living with strangers, you still feel the security of knowing that there will always be others around in the house ? something that can’t be said when living alone. ?

Despite the initial excitement, it can be more than a little lonely when we are separated from our nagging parents. Coming home to a dark room after a tiring day at work can feel a little daunting. But in a shared house there will always be a light on in somebody’s room or somebody to give you a warm welcome home. There will also be many opportunities to feel comforted - whether it be eating meals together or helping each other through illness or even coping with natural disasters.

You may also find heart-warming shared houses where some residents who, having just moved to Tokyo from their home town, have the good fortune to meet others originally from the same area as themselves, or where residents share food they have been sent by their family or have meals cooked for them by other residents who enjoy doing so. Celebrating each other’s birthdays, swapping tips on how to get by…the list of positive things about living in a shared house is endless! Not surprising then that there are so many stories of people not wanting to leave them!

You can build “more than friend less than family” relationships with others in a shared house through your everyday life. You’ll always be looking forward to going home!