To those looking for Shared House, Room for rent in Japan

In recent years, "share house" is a way of living which is popular among young people in Japan. I think that in the US and Canada it is commonly referred to as "Shared House" or "Room for rent" the style that multiple people live in. In Japan, such a way of living is generally called "share house" I will. The characteristics of Japanese share house are as follows.

1, Initial cost is cheap.
2, I can make Japanese friends.
3, There is a new encounter regardless of age and sex.
4, There are luxurious facilities that can not be used for living alone (gym, studio, theater room ...)
5, Some homes do events and parties on a regular basis.

If you are planning to come to Japan, if you are interested in "Share House", please look for your preferred share house from "Tokyo Share House" by all means.  



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