Things one can gain from an ocean-themed lifestyle.

The Miura coast is located a distance from the city centre. Hop on a Keikyu train from the city, sit by the window and you will gradually see the scenery change from metropolis to natural landscapes galore. Miurakaigan is the second last stop on the Keikyu Kurihama line approximately one hour from Shinagawa station. The gentle sea breeze is pleasant and calming and the minute you step of the train you will know you have arrived down south.

Share Design, a company with countless city-based properties to their name, has now opened a new sharehouse in the Miura Coast resort area. The house could be classed as a mid-scale property with its 18 rooms, however just by looking at this sharehouse you can tell that it’s level is on a much grander scale. The stately property is located a 10-minute walk along the coast atop a small slope, enclosed by a white wall.

The ocean lies right in front of the house, and that in itself would be the main selling point for any marine sports lovers out there. One could even expect this house to become a community, a ‘surf village’ if you will. Residents can hang out at the beach all day before coming back to the house for a shower and a seafood BBQ on the terrace. Can you imagine a more luxurious way to spend your time? There is certainly no substitute for a sharehouse in which residents can live as one with the ocean like this. This is a one-of-a-kind house, indeed.

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A stately property with an ocean view.

Resort Palace Miura Coast is located at the top of a small, gently sloped road leading away from the beach. The property stands out from the surrounding houses with its unique design.


The sharehouse is a 12 minute walk from Miurakaigan station on the Keikyu Kurihama line.


You will see the ocean after about 5 minutes of walking.


The road is flat, making an easy bike ride from the station. You might be inclined to rent a cycle from the Keikyu Store next to the station when you go to check the place out. Electric bicycles are available to rent for 800 yen per hour.


The road to the house is lined with surf shops and seafood restaurants, and people can be seen enjoying marine sports in the ocean.


The front entrance. The font used for the sign has a kind of old-school feel to it.


A resort hotel turns the basic concept of sharehouses on its head.

The first thing you will notice is the brilliant, glossy marble flooring. The orange-colored ceiling lights welcome guests into a warm, friendly atmosphere. This area is the main living room and as you walk in further the light streaming in from the windows creates a bluish glow.


On the right is a door leading upstairs.


When open, this area will be a Japanese restaurant.


Unwind in elegance here as dazzling light illuminates the white marble.

This area has an elegant, refined ambiance. Its main focal point is the atrium and the floor to ceiling window that lets in more than enough natural light to brighten the room. This quiet, spacious communal area is perfect for when residents need a place to do some work. Sharehouses have a reputation of being oriented towards younger folk, however this is more than that - it is also a mature sharehouse for adults.


The living room floor can be divided into three separate areas.


The table and chairs can be used for meals.


The sofa can be used to relax. The back wall is also genuine marble. It must have been ridiculously expensive to create this area alone.


This office-esque glass desk with its low-seated chairs could be used for a business meeting or other kinds of important work.


Glass artwork dangling from the ceiling completes the gorgeous room interior.


Feel the blessings of nature.

The 2F and 3F of the property has private rooms, with the 1F home to the restaurant, living room and communal bath.


The pool in the photo above is just for decoration. Refrain from swimming and just enjoy the atmosphere.


Relax on the terrace on sunny days. The curtain of greenery around the property acts as a barrier from the outside world, creating a private sanctuary.


The stairs beside the terrace lead to the 2F landing.


This right here are premium box seats to view the Miura Coast Fireworks Display. Next summer you could be having a BBQ and enjoying the fireworks from your own home.


The real pleasure of living by the sea is the natural soundtrack of ocean waves and birdsongs.


Communal bath facilities to enjoy on a regular basis

The semicircle structure protruding out from the building is the large communal bathroom. While some private rooms do include a shower, it’s good to socialize in the buff in the onsen every once in a while.


Fill with water and you have a fabulous onsen-style bath. It’s no Rotenburo or open-air onsen, but the large window offers a similar feeling.


The dressing room is reminiscent of one found in a Japanese-style ryokan. Male-only and female-only days are rotated throughout the week.


The showers. Wash yourself off here after coming in from a day in the water.


The massage chair, a ryokan essential. Very luxurious.


There is a toilet in the bathroom as well as male and female toilets on the 1F.


Have this amazing view all to yourself and slip into vacation mode.

3F rooms have a balcony and beautiful ocean view. These rooms perfect for surfers or people who do other ocean sports to check the weather and ocean conditions without leaving the house.


The Boso peninsular can be faintly seen in the distance with whimsical-like clouds floating along the horizon.


3F rooms are spacious, 34㎡ Japanese-style rooms - that’s a lot of space for your typical sharehouse room.


Rooms look like regular ryokan rooms, and come with equipped with kitchen, shower and toilet facilities.


With its own kitchenette, these rooms differ very little from studio apartments.


Females in particular will be pleased to have their own private bathroom facilities.


The 3F hallway. While there is a mountain behind the property, this hallway gets plenty of light while the sun is high.  


The 2F also has private rooms, as well as this cosy shared area in the center.


2F rooms are also of a comfortable size. The only problem is that with so many rooms on the floor, you’ll have trouble remembering who lives where!

Once you visit Resort Palace Miura Coast you will be moved beyond words at its incredible views. Imagine waking up early every day for a surf, then coming back for a shower before starting your work day from home. A property by the beach gives the impression of a fun sharehouse with endless opportunities to enjoy marine activities, however there is also something else residents living here can gain.
Walk along the coast and you will come to realise that there is an absence of unnecessary noise. You will become more in tune with the nature around you - the gentle warmth of the sun above, the earthy scents wafting from the ocean, and all the trees and animals you pass. Living here will allow you to regain your senses, perhaps dulled like mine from living in the city for so long, and connect you with the earth and all its blessings. It is said that reconnecting with nature enhances creativity, and this would be the perfect sharehouse for those seeking some inspiration.
This unique resort-style sharehouse offers a relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle for residents to experience. Become one with the ocean,with nature, and indulge in all it has to offer here at Resort Palace Miura Coast.


Resort Palace Miurakaigan
House DetailResort Palace Miurakaigan
Area Minami shita ura machi,Miura City, Kanagawa
Rent ¥19,800 ~ ¥59,800
Keikyu-kurihama-line miura-kaigan station
Condition Male, Female

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