This property is a must for people who work at Narita Airport, and can even be used as a second home close to your place of employment.

Presea Narita is located 6-minutes walk from Keisei Narita station, which is a mere one stop from Narita Airport Station.

This sharehouse is refuge to quite a few airport workers, many of whom live far away in places like Saitama, Kanagawa and Tokyo, and who use the house to reduce the stress of commuting.

Hang out and relax in your own house on your days off and, when you’re rostered on use this sharehouse to dramatically reduce your daily commuting distance. Presea Narita is the best place to achieve the ideal living arrangement for your lifestyle.

Let’s have a look inside the house!

「Presea Narita」House details page


Sharehouse / Guesthouse combined facility

The building itself is a combined facility operating a sharehouse and guesthouse, with both dormitory-type and private rooms available.


Mailboxes have been set up at the entrance, and the building even has its own signage out front.


A hallway in the house. The wide, spacious hallways allow for simple storage space along the wall.


There are two washing machines and two dryers available to use in the shower and laundry room.


The shower and toilet.


Also, because there are so many residents who work at the airport, a special storage room has been prepared to store things like suitcases and the like.


An old bar turns into a communal lounge for residents

This area was previously used as a bar. It has now been transformed into a comfortable space for residents to relax in with traces of its former glory purposefully left in places here and there around the room.


The sofa and tables can be used to suit any mood or purpose.


The floor, walls and lighting are all left over from the time the room was used as a bar.


The dining area is divided by a partition creating two distinctly different spaces.


There is an open kitchen at the back of the lounge for residents to enjoy cooking up a storm.


Beside the TV is a statue of a lovable bear cradling a bottle of whisky. This was also used during the old bar days.


Get a good sleep and reduce your early morning or late night commute in a comfortable bed.

Bunk beds line the walls in this spacious dormitory-type room. Prepare for your early morning / late night shift or flight without the added stress of a long commute.

The brains behind this house, Hokusou Sharehouse, take care of quite a few houses in the suburbs of Narita. The company has gained a lot of support from various people from providing a living space and facilities that cater to the needs of airport workers, and many of the residents living in their houses are in fact people who work at the airport.

Newly-opened Presea Narita continues to cater to these needs, and the reasonable rental rates and house environment make it possible for residents to use the facility as a second home. The house was developed with the desire to give a sense of regularity and comfort to an otherwise irregular lifestyle.

The house is an a perfect location, with a supermarket, drugstore and convenience store all found within a minutes walk.

If you are searching for sharehouses close to Narita Airport, then you should definitely check out this property.

When you stop wasting your precious time on a lengthy commute, you will finally be able to relax or spend that time doing something you love.


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