For those interested in interaction yet place importance on privacy: Share House Higashi Koenji

The following comments came up in conversation with a person I met for the first time the other day.

“I’m interested in share houses, but I want my own private time”, “It’s great that the rooms are fully furnished, but I want to interact with others only when I feel like it”, “Things like parties are fun but you’d get bored of seeing the same people all the time…”

Having this conversation I got to thinking if there weren’t any share houses out there that place importance on privacy, and then happened to get word from the company Lifix about their share house, which answers the demand for house in which one can protect their privacy and at the same time communicate with the other tenants.

It was such great timing that I quickly made my over to check out the house.

As soon as I got there I understood exactly. It was a ‘share apartment’ with one of the pre-existing rooms renovated into a kitchen and dining area (a room for interaction with others).

With one person per room, I recommend you have a look if you interested in shared living but haven’t quite been able to start because you want to maintain your own privacy.

「Share Terrace Higashi Koenji」House Details Page


Single rooms
Of course, these rooms utilizing a conventional apartment layout are highly recommended.

All rooms fully furnished!
The kitchens were removed during renovation, however all rooms are complete with shower and washbasin as well as a video intercom, CATV and fibre-optic lines.

The exterior. There is a parking lot in front of the house and a space for large motorcycles as well.

The ‘Share Terrace Higashi Koenji’ nameplate hangs in the entrance.

Walking up to the front door.

Mailboxes at the entrance.

Each room has its own private entrance like the old apartment building.

Let’s have a look at one of the rooms that has been made into the common area.

Opening the door you will find the kitchen.

The room is laid out with the dining table at the back.

The table.

Storage space for each tenant. Although we couldn’t publish them due to privacy issues, photo’s of the tenants are decorated around room, so anyone new to the house will grow to learn everyone’s face in no time.

There is no trash can in this room so you must take it back with you or put it in the bins outside.

Members of the staff who are supporting an exciting life filled with new encounters, perceptions and discoveries.

You can see the room from the doorway.

With a shoe rack and storage space for clothes you shouldn’t have any problems.

Even with a bed there is still plenty of space.

There is a washbasin as well as Japanese-style washlet toilet.

There is a video intercom in every room.

The path behind the share house.


Visiting the house I felt the area was quite calm with parks and nature to be found all around. Even the path behind the house seems like a great place for a walk. There are also non-Japanese tenants living in the house who were attracted by the Higashi Koenji area and I can understand why.

There are a lot of good points and features to this house and I’m sure each tenant will find something different they are charmed by. Just by visiting for the day I felt that it would be a fun place to live.

And surely there are people who will be drawn in by the walking path behind the house, too.