Dynamic renovations with a gentle feminine atmosphere:  Swan Akabane

This time we're introducing the women's only share house "Swan Akabane" near the terminal station Akabane in the northern part of Tokyo.

Whether it's the shoe boxes, accessory cases, or storage space, for women who notice detail and quality down to the finest points, we're sure you'll find this to be a great designer share house.

Although it's a 15 minute walk from the closest station, it is for this reason the Swan Akabane share house has a charming space, reasonably priced rent, and a great concept all within reach. While there's attention to detail in the beautiful curves of the "red swan sofa", furniture, lighting, and chairs, you can also sense the dynamic atmosphere of the LDK which is over 20 tatami mats in size, as well as the construction of the island kitchen and concrete building.

The manager said "she hopes that tenants will be able to gracefully rest their wings like a beautiful swan," so if you're a woman who works hard in the city every day, please be sure to take a look. 

Detail Page of  Swan Akabane


Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen and adjacent dining room have an elegant atmosphere that will leave you fascinated.The original custom made square island kitchen (160 square cm) is equipped with storage space underneath, which we think makes these great facilities for those that enjoy cooking. Eating together with everyone at the large comfortable dining room table, it looks you will have a fun time with your share mates.


The shared living space has a moderate sense of distance from the kitchen, with a large window that lets sufficient sunlight shine in where residents can leisurely spend time together. At dinner time everyone can gather around the table for fun conversation or enjoy a movie together.


Here we are at Swan Akabane, a 15 minute walk from Akabane Station. The building is 3 stories tall and made of reinforced concrete, with a pure white exterior that has an excellent sense of presence even when seen from a distance.

For some reason, there was a Mannequin Piss at the entrance, so we took a quick picture.

When opening the door to the entrance way, a high quality design similar to a wooden wine box is spread across the entire wall. The center appears to have shoe boxes, but it's quite stylish.

However, if you look up you'll see an undressed concrete ceiling with bare pipes.

This kind of dynamic, or perhaps we should say harmony, with its high design quality is definitely something

We'd like you to come see for yourself.

And now, if you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, you'll find the spacious LDK. It appears to be 20 tatami mats in size.

First, we'll start with the shared living space. Here we have the "red sofa" which symbolizes Swan Akabane. I bet this is the place where everyone relaxes.

Here's a big screen TV in the spacious living room.

The lighting from the large window is also perfect.

On the opposite side of the living room is the kitchen, and further in is the dining area.

The side of the kitchen is also furnished with personal storage space for residents, microwaves, and rice cookers. It's great how the storage space doesn't ruin the atmosphere of the room.

This wide square shaped island kitchen (160 square cm) has an original custom design. This is a great space for those who love to cook.

Even those who rarely cook may want to try in this spacious kitchen.

All the cooking utensils and dinnerware is kept in the lower portion of the kitchen.

Here's another shot a little bit lower

Next to the kitchen is the dining area

It looks like you'd naturally start up conversation while cooking and eating here

Now let's move to the 3rd floor

Here on the 3rd floor you'll find wash stands and bathrooms

The accessories also have an atmosphere characteristic of an establishment exclusively for women

Here's a look at the shower room

There's also a bathroom, so its perfect for women who'd like to soak in the bathtub.


There were vacant rooms at the time, so we were able to take photos.

Every room has a large and impressive window, although their size varies from room to room.

It seems each room also has a different chair

The standard furnishings in each room includes a bed, a square shaped table, a chair, and air conditioner.

There was also a hanger on the ceiling for clothes.

Despite the high design quality here, even when compared to the typical cost of rent, it's great that there's almost no initial investment.


Swan Akabane is managed by R-Bank which has experience with women's only share housing. The female staff offers support from guidance to consultation services after moving in and even cleaning services. And with the installation of card keys that cannot be duplicated and the hiring of a security company, you'll see they've put a great deal of effort into security.


Actually going in to visit the share house, looking at the shoe boxes, cookware, spacious individual storage, etc. there's no sense of pressure from having to compromise that you'd expect from community life. This is why we believe this is a great share house, especially for women who have never experience life in a share house.


 For women who think it'd be interesting to experience a life sharing with others to talk while valuing private time or women who feel they've given it their all the whole year, we think this share house will give you a place to rest your wings. For those who are interested, please click here for any inquiries.


We want this to be a peaceful place where you can meet new people through day-to-day living, and take your life in a better direction through various conversations with these people.


As it's the end of the year, we hope everyone rests well for the year to come


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