The front door gives way to a white wonderland, a place of relaxation for women who want to take it easy with its large living area and spacious private rooms as well as bathrooms.

What does the color white make you think of? Undoubtedly many of you would say clean, pure and simple. We are surrounded by many different colors in our daily lives, and while we enjoy this, there is something about coming home to the simple shade of white that allows us to regain presence of mind.

The sharehouse we are showcasing today is exactly that - a clean and simple house encased in white, allthewhile having a luxuriousness to it, resulting in the perfect place to come home to. This is a female-exclusive house and the living rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors have been decorated in a different style to each other.

Let’s have a look inside!

「Finest Kamata」House Details Page


3F living space has large window and open kitchen, a spacious area with great natural light

This sharehouse is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of a 4-storey building, with both floors home to their own living area and private rooms. The 3F living space invites great natural light thanks to the lack of other tall buildings around.


A transparent table and white sofa take the luminance of the room up a notch.


Clear, transparent chairs around a rectangle table. Being able to look through the chairs across the table from where you are sitting really opens up the area and is one of the manager’s brilliant ideas.


Here is the kitchen, with plenty of room to cook in.


The sink is also relatively large making it easy for washing dishes. There is also a gas stove with 3 burners.


The unique lighting fixtures accentuate an otherwise simple interior.


Large, luxurious bathroom heals built-up fatigue

Many people living alone can’t be bothered with taking a bath and just end up jumping in the shower, although submerging yourself in this house’s tub full of hot water is very appealing. The bathroom is big and spacious and has a 5-star hotel-like atmosphere.


The tub itself is also large so you can stretch out and relax.


The round-style mirrors hanging above the sink are just adorable and with two of them there shouldn’t be a problem even in the always-busy mornings.


Washing machines and dryers can be used free of charge.


Jumping ahead a little, here is the 4F toilet. A free-standing washstand within the toilet is a rare occurrence in Japan, and before you know it you’ll understand their usefulness.


The 4F bathroom also boasts plenty of space. It really helps to have a bathroom on each floor. There is also a window here letting in great natural light.


The 4F living room is the height of luxury with its chandelier and television unit.

There are no surrounding buildings blocking the sun from the 4th floor, and as such invites much better natural light than the 3rd floor. The view from the terrace is amazing and you can enjoy yourself in an entirely different setting from the 3rd floor lounge.


In stark comparison to the 3F room, the television up here on the 4F is set within a wall unit and the chandelier adds a lavish touch.


The wall unit looks considerably large from this angle. It can store many different things and plays many different roles as part of the interior.


The kitchen comes with overhead shelving, and the sink and stove can be found opposite them.


This elliptical mirror creates a mature ambience.


A perfect view. As can be expected from up here on the 4th floor, the view mainly looks down upon the rooftops of other buildings.


Adorable lighting fixtures add a finishing touch to bright, cheerful rooms with plenty of storage space

In stark comparison to the design of the living room the private rooms are decorated in a sweet, feminine style with orange lighting against light pink curtains. The desk within comes with drawers, making these rooms great for work or study.


Room 303 is approximately 10.71m2 and comes furnished with a closet. One great thing about this room is the large window.


Room 305 is long in shape yet maintains plenty of space to move around in, great for retreating for some private time.

’Sharehouse’ is a word that has come to be heard frequently in recent years, being in the spotlight on television and in other forms of media. Although his word has become increasingly familiar with the general public, at the same time there are a many different ideas of what a sharehouse is floating around out there.

Many people worry about privacy and think living in a sharehouse would be tiresome, however the staff running these houses are always brainstorming and implementing ideas for their residents to be able to maintain privacy as well as enjoy their time within the house.

Finest Kamada in particular boasts large living areas, bathrooms as well as private rooms with enough space that residents won’t have trouble maintaining their privacy at all. Not to mention that the brains behind this project is the company Fine Select, professionals in the industry with many female-exclusive sharehouses to their name. I personally got the impression that this house has been created with residents’ privacy in mind.

It’s up to you what kind of life you will lead in this pure white house with it’s brilliant yet at first unexpected shade. Imagine a life of new encounters with this as your backdrop!


Finest Kamata
House DetailFinest Kamata
Area Oota-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥59,000 ~ ¥67,000
JR Keihintohoku Line Kamata station 11 min walk
Keikyu Main Line Zōshiki station 6 min walk
Condition Female

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