Kamata, a town retaining the charm of yesteryear while teeming with new life

Kamata is known for its prominent business district and as the backdrop for many Japanese drama shows.

Situated between Yokohama and the city it is a convenient location for those traveling both locally and further away. Haneda airport is also accessible via the Keikyu train line and it only takes 20 minutes to arrive at the terminal by car. You could easily travel around Japan with your housemates, or even go overseas with your best friends. The whole world is at your doorstep, and it’s up to you to discover it.

Today we will showcase Classico Kamata, a sharehouse in this very location. Nearby is the Nishi-Kamata shopping district, where everything from restaurants to variety stores line the streets. With a Yorkmart supermarket a 1-minute walk away, the house is in a very convenient location that will satisfy all of your needs. The interior has been built purposely in a way that encourages communication between housemates with a stylish design and warm atmosphere.

Without further ado, let’s take a look inside the house!

「Classico Kamata」House Details Page


8-minutes walk from Kamata station. 1-minute walk to Yorkmart supermarket. A 4-storey sharehouse hidden within a quiet residential area

The road in front of the house doesn’t see many cars, with the majority of its traffic being people riding to the shops on their bicycles or out walking their dogs. There is a shopping street and local train station nearby, although you won’t be bothered by the noise, and with Haneda airport accessible by car the house is in a very good location. 


The Nishi-Kamata shopping district extends from the JR Kamata station exit and is lined with shops including restaurants, bars, a grocery store, a drugstore, clothing stores and variety stores.


Yorkmart is less an a minute walk away and is open until 11pm so you can easily swing by to pick something up on your way home.


The rooftop is a spacious area that looks out over the neighborhood. 


You can bask in the sunlight on a clear day as you hang your washing out up here.


Have a chat or hold events up here every now and then instead of in the living room, and in doing so turning them into something special. 


The living room and kitchen interior is both chic and elegant while retaining a warm, cozy atmosphere

The living room -a favorite of the manager- is connected with the kitchen in a layout that encourages communication even when someone is cooking. This room could be the backdrop for a number of events, from birthday parties to just sitting around the table chatting. Its elegance is not over the top and the room has all the comfort and charm of a family home.


The room oozes warmth with a table similar in design only to a Japanese-style kotatsu table and its layout consciously arranged for easy communication among housemates.


Pick up a magazine to read together with another housemate when you have some downtime. You may just discover something new.


Communication will come easily as you come home of a day with the front hallway passing the living room.

The ‘house board’ beside the TV is decorated with housemate’s photographs and self portraits. Nicknames are also written on the board, so perhaps housemates call each other by these names.

Sunlight streaming in through the window wakes you up in the morning, and at night a relaxed ambiance invites sleep after an evening full of talk and conversation...


The kitchen is right beside the living room so you can continue chatting with your sharemates while you cook.


The shelves you can see on the left are for residents to store things they want on the 1F. The door at the back of the photo leads to the bathroom and shower.


The bathroom and shower room.


Bright, comfortable private rooms with great use of space.

All rooms are single, private rooms furnished with a bed, desk and storage space. Each room makes use of the space it has and are comfortable to live in. For example, Room 204 is a spacious corner room in which you can wake up of a morning by sunlight shining in from outside. Each room is different and has been arranged to match its respective space, so you can choose the room that best suits you.


Room 202 has a Japanese feel to it with the fragrance of tatami mats floating in the air.


The view from the opposite angle of this tranquil room.


Room 102 has been furnished with a bed, desk and storage space.


Room 201 is a simple room with a white color scheme.


Room 301 is a relaxing space with its blue and white color scheme.


Room 403 is a bright, cheerful room bathed in sunlight.


Room 401 is just the right-sized room for one person with not one inch of space wasted.


Room 305 comes with a closet.

The head of the company behind this house, ClassiCompany, is someone who really works hard in creating sharehouses and can always be found in his work gear doing repairs around the house.

His dedication to his work can be seen throughout the house, with the living room evoking a cozy, at-home atmosphere while being stylish in interior design. The layout of the house itself makes it easy to imagine living here, dividing your time between the living room when you want to hang out with someone and your own room when you just want to be by yourself.

To add to the appeal, every shop you could possibly need, including restaurants and bars, a variety store and even a drugstore can be found nearby. With chic yet reasonably-priced restaurants just around the corner it would be fun to eat out with your housemates every now and again. Location-wise the fact that the area is between Yokohama and the city and close to Haneda airport means you can make all kinds of exciting plans on how to spend your days off.

This house is all you could ever ask for, having both convenience and excitement all the while sitting in a quiet, residential area. 

/Author: Watanabe


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