Make the most of every day and enjoy city life to the fullest

Life in the city is very rigid. The commute to work may be easy, but a life surrounded by cold, concrete buildings amongst traffic and noisy pedestrians is vacant and suffocating, whittling away at your peace of mind.

Enduring emotions so unbalanced they could control the weather, you visit a suburban residential area. Warm lighting and excited voices overflow from the building concealed by its natural surroundings. Standing on the outside looking in, you entertain a fleeting anticipation that such a place could be replicated in the city.

These prayers have been answered, because today we introduce to you a residence in which you are able to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle even in the city. The house is a 7-minute walk from Sangen-Jaya station on the Tokyu Den-en Toshi line in a great location only 2 stations away from Shibuya, or 1 if you use an express service.

While it is often the case one must sacrifice one thing in order to gain another, being a neighborhood close to the city and its many unique bars and cafes this place is a great environment in which to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

It’s the perfect living arrangement for those to want to enjoy their shared lifestyle in a little bit of luxury, and you will certainly experience a relaxed atmosphere one rank up from the rest.

Let’s get on with it and have a look inside!

「Wabisabi House Sangen-Jaya」House Details Page


This residence sitting on a large plot of land is a city oasis surrounded by lush greenery

There is an extravagant amount of space before the entrance with a free bicycle parking area and also the possibility to park a car should you own one (paid parking).


The front entrance. The western-style, pure white door stands out against a red brick wall.


Inside is very bright and spacious with a tall ceiling and high windows.


This is what you see when you look up in the front hallway. The decorative plants suspected from the ceiling gives peace of mind.


The small bench located in the front hallway makes it easy to put your shoes on.


Incidentally this is how much space is outside the front of the house. You could almost call it extravagant.


The natural, vintage design of the interior is most suitable as a place for interaction as well as relaxation and refreshment

The wooden furniture and decorative plants here and there work together to create a comfortable environment. The television comes with a home theatre system so you’ll feel like you’re at the cinema when watching a movie.


The dining room with dining table is located beside the spacious, comfortable living room. Warm lighting is used in here.


You can exit out onto a really nice wooden deck terrace from the living room.


It’s quite rare for a house in Sangen-Jaya to have this much space.


The solid wood chair and decorative plant near the window is reminiscent of a beachside café.


You may end up spending your me-time reading here while trying out different coffee blends.


The carefully designed interior adds a little bit extra to your everyday life.


Previously a family home, there is plenty of space to go around as a share house.


On the garden deck is are things like a hammock and BBQ grill, perfect for outdoor entertaining on sunny days.


A simple, easy-to-use kitchen and bathroom with deep tub up to your shoulders to soak in

The simple kitchen has enough space and facilities to keep people who love to cook happy and has all you need to follow a complicated recipe or two on your days off and gather around the table to share it with your housemates.


The good thing about an open kitchen is being able to enjoy cooking while hanging out with the other housemates at the same time. Surely the excitement of the conversation going on around you will add flavor to whatever dish you make.


The washbasin, washer and dryer and bathroom are all found in the same place. The washing machine is coin-operated costing 200 yen per cycle and the dryer 200 yen per 40-minutes.


A full range of kitchen appliances are provided in the house. The microwave oven is the Healthy Chef brand from Hitachi, which uses either electromagnetic waves, heat or steam to cook food.


The bathroom comes with a deep tub you can soak up to your shoulders in, one way to remove the stress of the day.


The washbasin.


Private rooms come with high-capacity storage facilities and its spaciousness creates a soothing atmosphere

There are a total of 5 rooms, all of which come with storage facilities so those with a lot of baggage can move in without a worry. The rooms are also furnished with a bed, desk, chair and refrigerator from the get-go. Light shines down into Room 2 from a skylight, just the right amount of brightness for the middle of the day (Room 2).


There are two storage units in Room 2 and the shelving is mobile, able to be moved around to best suit your needs.


The 2F. The hallways are wide and there is also a toilet and washroom up here.


Room 1 is also satisfactorily spacious and comes with its own personal toilet.


Indulging in your own private time here will become important to you.


Room 5.


Managing this sharehouse is WabiSabi House. The person in charge of this company has backpacked around the world and even lived in a sharehouse for a time overseas. It is because of this that he can manage through the eyes of a tenant and is concerned with not only with providing a comfortable environment to live in, but in creating a comfortable community within as well.

The ratio of non-Japanese tenants living in this company’s houses is quite high compared to other sharehouses, which makes them great places for those who want to live with people from all around the world.

Sangen-Jaya, the neighborhood in which this house is located, is also famous for its many charming stores and shops, with the appeal of the chaotic atmosphere of stylish stores found mixed among traditional street vendors drawing customers to its streets.

It’s not uncommon for a small store you randomly stumble across in the back streets to actually be very popular, and one way to have fun would be to walk around discovering such places, not stopping at one but going on and on from one shop to the next. There is really no need to go all the way into the city by train to enjoy yourself when you live in this neighborhood.

You could get excited just by imagining everything that could happen and the people you could meet in such a fascinating place.

Before you know it the town in which you live will become the town you love, the house in which you live will become the place you love to be, and you may just grow a little bit within yourself.

/Author: Kagawa

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