Platz Setagaya:  A designer’s share house to gather in a relaxed easy going space.

The women’s share house “Platz Setagaya” managed by Style & Deco Co. Ltd., which is expanding its business focusing on renovation coordination as EcoDeco, aims to offer a share house chosen based on one’s hobbies or lifestyle.  Although it is a small share house with 6 rooms in total, the spacious living room and dining room are stylish, and quite honestly extravagant.  Complete with an all electronic kitchen and table ware, those who enjoy cooking or simply have interest in a share house around Setagaya, be sure to have a look.

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Off course, we recommend this share house for its spacious living room and dining room, but what creates the sense of space here is the high ceiling, as well as the boards that have been affixed in space intervals along with overhead lightings.  The brightly lit overhead space creates a much more cheerful and sense of openness than usual for an enjoyable shared space.


The rooms are also not all of the same type.  Take room 204 here for example.  It has great storage space and plenty of sunlight from the window, with the flooring and white walls creating a clean and uniform look.  Furthermore, the furnishing on the right side of the chair is a fold-down bed from the wall, making optimization of space one of its charms.


First, let’s have a look at the outside.

The share house is on the 2nd floor, while the first floor appears to be a car shop.

We’ve opened the door and are on our way to the 2nd floor.

As expected at a women’s only share house, reliable security measures are in place.  Here’s a double lock from SECOM.  Of course, every room is also fitted with security locks.
And so, now we move on to the entranceway.

Here’s a quick look at the entrance way.。

There’s also a view of outside from the entrance.

Here is the hallway leading to the living room.

Taking a quick look the other way, you can see storage space for the residents.  On the opposite side is room 205.

As soon as you leave the hallway, you’ll reach the living room.  It has a quaint atmosphere as I you’ve stopped by a small café.
Another look at the ceiling.

All the residents can gather here to enjoy a meal.

The living room from another angle.  This space looks pretty enjoyable for 6 people.

Going further in past the living room is the kitchen.

The kitchen is all-electric.  Those who would worry about other residents creating a gas leak are definitely happy about this.

There’s plenty of storage space lining the bottom of the kitchen.
Everything tools you’ll need for cooking are already here, so you can save a little bit of money

Here’s a shot of the showe.  It looks like a jet shower type.  You’ll be able to shower thoroughly from head to toe.

 A quick look at the washroom.
The restroom is also very clean.
A few people have already moved in so we couldn’t see every room, but we managed to get photos of 2 rooms here.
Here we have room 203.
The stylish wallpaper and large window give this room an atmosphere much like a café.  One would probably feel pretty great waking up in a room like this.
Next door is room 204.
The atmosphere of this room is completely different, with a simple uniform color scheme.
Furnished with a desk and chair, you can concentrate on your work or studies even in your room.

The most surprising feature of the room was the fold-down bed in the wall. To those who thought “If I put a bed in here, there won’t be any room”, how does this appeal to you?

While many believe recent share houses are very stylish, you’d be surprised to know Platz Setagaya was established over 5 years ago in April of 2006. Even now, Platz Setagaya has the impression of a share house on the forefront current trends where you can live comfortably.  To that end, the manager created this share house from the perspective of one of its residents, and we felt the designers fastidiousness and thought was incorporated into its layout.

We asked the manager “What would you say is the best feature of Platz Segata?” and she answered us saying that “all of the residents are genuinely good people.”  We didn’t actually get to speak with any of the residents, but when speaking with the female staff we got the impression that they have a lot of fun while managing the share house.  It’s safe to say that in addition to the comfortable living space, all of the residents spend time together in an easy going atmosphere.

At the very least, those who are interested in staying at a women’s only designer share house around Setagaya, why not try paying Platz Setagaya a visit?  We’re sure a comfortable life is waiting here for you.