Sangen Jaya, a popular old neighborhood in Setagaya lined with hidden, well-known shops.

Sangen Jaya often appears on ‘Places People Want to Live’ rankings. I am from the countryside so I wasn’t very familiar with the area, however walking into random bars and the like and asking the owners about things to do and places to go in Tokyo, the name ‘Sangen Jaya’ came up a lot.

One of the appeals of Sangen Jaya is easy access. If you take the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line it is two stations from Shibuya by local train, or only one station if you take the express and the last train is at 00:42 so even if you stay out late with your friends in Shibuya there is a sense of reassurance that you can catch the train home.
Furthermore, the area around the train station is lined with shops and commercial facilities so it is quite livable which is another appeal. The interesting thing is, however, that the biggest appeal of this neighborhood is the shopping district crowded with a variety of different shops and bars along the streets. It is a chaotic atmosphere of the residential area and entertainment district rolled into one, however that in turn has a marked impact on the rows and rows of shops and fascinates those who keep coming back.

This time we are introducing share house Classico Sangen Jaya, a 3-storey building located in a quiet residential area 12 minutes walk from Sangen Jaya station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line. A small Japanese garden decorates the entrance and a roofed garage creates free space.

The interior has been renovated like new from a family home into a gorgeous space in line with the owner’s desire of ‘building a place he would want to live in himself’. Constructed from earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete, the quality and arrangement of the living room completes an interior with a high-class ambiance.

 Let’s have a look inside the house.

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A 3-story share house that blends into a quiet residential area

Sounds of children and the cheerful conversations of people walking pets can be heard in this neighborhood. Originally a family home, now a share house.


When you open the gate an entrance with a chic atmosphere awaits.

Look to the side and find a small garden remaining from the original property. This fits perfectly with the chic atmosphere.

The entry hall. The landing is wide enough to pull on a pair of boots with ease.

Going ahead to the rooftop. This is the door before the rooftop.

A very spacious rooftop. Unfortunately it was raining for this photo shoot, but there is a great feeling of freedom up here.

Great view. Ideal location to enjoy a BBQ with friends. It might also be good to come here by yourself for a change of pace.

Versatile living & dining area

There is a free water and coffee server in the spacious dining area. The ceiling lights are changeable to suit your mood - the perfect spot to take a breather.


Lounge space right in front of the dining area. Good for long chats with good friends.

The kitchen. Here is a spacious area to enjoy cooking. There is also a counter so you can also enjoy a little bit of a bar atmosphere.


This is the water and coffee server in the kitchen. Imagine drinking a coffee while working at the nearby computer.

Two large refrigerators. No problems storing lots of food when throwing parties with your housemates.

There is also a large television. Watch it alone or with everyone else. The ceiling lights can be changed to red, blue, green, yellow and various others.

Spot this wallpaper on your way up to the 2nd floor. It looks like it could have been imported from France, highlighting a touch of class along with the high ceiling. Feels spacious.

 Wallpaper used in the hallways are reminiscent of a classy hotel.

The balcony. Extending past many rooms to feel quite spacious.

Now moving on to introduce the bathrooms and laundry. The washbasin on the second floor is of a stylish design you would see in a hotel. Looks like you would be able to get a great start to the day here.

Second floor bathroom. This wood-panelled design gives the impression of a traditional Japanese inn. Be careful of getting so relaxed you unintentionally staying in the bath for longer than you intended.

Those with little time to spare can get in and out quickly using the shower room. 

Third floor toilet. The wallpaper is so real-like that it makes you think you are in a library.

Second-floor toilet. You can find interesting wallpaper in here too. There are ways to enjoy yourself all over the place.

 Washer and dryer. Be reassured you can do your washing even on a rainy day with the installation of a tumbledryer.


These rooms equipped with closet and chest while being livable invoke a stylish atmosphere

All the rooms are private and each come equipped with a chest or a closet. A very livable environment with no unneeded spaces, these rooms are wallpapered and furnished in refined taste anybody would love to live in.


Cute wallpaper in Room 201.

The rooms on the 2nd floor all come furnished with a desk and mirror. Convenient for girls to do makeup in their own room.

The look of room 305.

A room on the 3rd floor. Furnished with a somewhat wide desk suitable for quietly completing work.

 This spacious closet is made up of three parts to make storing clothes easy.

Storage space is guaranteed with a focus furnishings utilizing space economically.

Kurashi Company manages this share house. The president himself pops by the premises and was even there fixing things around the house when we went to collect data.

He tells us that he wants to provide others with a place he would want to live in himself and takes pride in his work. The sight of him enjoying himself while working on the house was very impressive.
While the share house Classico Sangen Jaya is fascinating itself, nearby French and Italian restaurants are also part of the appeal. Gathering around the dinner table with everyone is fun, but every now and then sharing extraordinary moments with sharemates and friends is also enjoyable. It’s only one stop to Shibuya on the express so it’s easy to imagine what to do on days off.  

 If you’re coming all the way to the capital, this is the perfect place to really enjoy your Tokyo lifestyle to the fullest!

 It’s hard to live extravagantly by yourself if the purse-strings are a little tight. Classico Sangen Jaya is a place you can enjoy the luxury with everyone together.

/Author: Emoto



CLASSICO Sangenjaya
House DetailCLASSICO Sangenjaya
Area Tokyo-to, Setagaya ward, Shimouma
Rent ¥61,000 ~ ¥70,000
12 min walk from Sangenjaya Sta.
Condition Male, Female, 35歳まで

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