Harmony between modern taste and traditional Japan

The sound of a streetcar bell takes you back to the days of old in the elegant neighborhood of Minowa. Located right between Ueno and Kitasenju, as soon as you step off the train you are transported into a shopping district straight out of the Showa period.Through the arcade on the other side lies an old town that once evening, bustles with people drinking at coffee shops, housewifes shopping for ingredients for dinner and students making their way home from school.

Maison de Minowa is a share house 5-minutes walk from Minowa station on the Hibiya line, a subdued building hidden amongst a neighborhood of traditional old wooden houses.

Heading inside we are greeted with a vibrant dining room so different from the look of exterior that will amuse you. This house combines elements of Japanese house design with a modern twist to create a contemporary dwelling that won’t take any time getting used to and provides much comfort to residents.

So without delay let’s introduce the rooms!

「Maison de Minowa」House Details Page


Traditional wooden building a 2-minute walk from Minowa station

The exterior of the house fits in nicely with the traditional neighborhood and mailboxes have been provided for each tenant.

Slip down a path abundant with greenery and arrive at the entrance.

The fence of galvanised sheet iron on the right adds a depth to the atmosphere.

Bright dining room arranged in a slight modern style.

Heading inside and passing a large shoe storage area we come to a colorful dining room in stark contrast from the rugged entrance. The bright colors entice housemates to naturally want to hang out in here.

Placing flowers on the table like this is sure to stimulate conversation during breakfast every morning.

Be welcomed when you return home of a day as soon as you step in the front door.

With this large sink you can use a lot of dishes without cluttering up the area.

Kitchen space with room for 4 people to be in there at one time.

How fun would it be to plan what to cook for dinner with everyone?

Cookware is provided - no need to bring your own!

An array of dinnerware and cutlery is provided with those women who like to cook in mind. There are also chopsticks so you can enjoy both Western and Japanese dishes.

Cook something in the oven or whack something in the microwave when you don’t have a lot of time.

There is also a large LCD television.

Communicate with your fellow housemates by writing down messages on the board.

Wash your clothes on the 2F and hang them in the drying room on the 3F.

If the weather is good you can also watch trains running against the background of a blue sky from the 3F.

The toilet and washstand in matching pink.

The bathroom is complete with a tub, so you can immerse yourself in hot water and relax on those days when you come home completely worn out.


Light-filled room with elements of wooden design supporting a white color-scheme.

The bed in Room 101 comes with its own storage space. There is also a closet so you can fit in plenty of clothes, and a full-length mirror that is essential for checking your outfit everyday.

The look of Room 102.

The look of room 201.

Room 202. This room has been re-modelled from what was once a communal area and is slightly larger compared to other rooms, with a washstand.


The management of this house, Fine Select, takes care of many other female-exclusive properties so we know that not only do they assist women in living safe and comfortably, they also maintain a kind of interior design that makes being in the house fun. The staff are also female and because of this are able to think about things from the viewpoint of the female tenants.

The simple white rooms have been built in contrast to the bright colors of the dining room, making it possible to decorate your own space however you please. This consideration is because the staff know that a woman’s taste changes over time. Perhaps bright in the summer, monochrome in the winter. You just can’t help but imagine the possibilities of a room that transforms with a girls state of mind.

Wandering about the neighborhood you’ll feel soothed by the traditional atmosphere and bustle of the shopping district that still stands as it had during the Showa period, a hidden refuge from the city.

/Author: Kitano

Maison de Minowa
House DetailMaison de Minowa
Area Tokyo-To, Arakawa-ku
Rent -
Tokyu Hibiya Line Minowa Station 2 min walk
Toden Arakawa Line Minowabashi Station 2 min walk
Condition Female
Now fully occupied


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