A western-style dwelling with vermillion walls and warm lighting

Takadanobaba is a neighborhood frequented by students. Countless language schools and universities line its streets and the area in front of the station bustles with restaurants and crowds. Takadanobaba is also known as an area with a lot of ramen shops and is dotted with many famous places loved by ramen aficionados which, come lunch time, have long lines lining up outside just to get in. This town overflowing with youthful energy sets the scene for the share house we will be introducing to you today.

Chelsea Takadanobaba is a share house a 4-minute walk from Takadanobaba station on the JR Yamanote and Seibu Shinjuku lines. It is located in a quiet neighborhood separated from the town center, convenient for commuting to work or class.

Stepping into the house you feel a somewhat nostalgic, relaxed atmosphere coupled with an overwhelming spaciousness. Inside, straight forward and to the right you’ll find the living and dining rooms with the retro-chic design of the furniture taking to back to days long past, in which you will feel almost as if you are relaxing in the lounge of an old hotel.

Let's go on inside!

「Chelsea Takadanobaba」House Detail Page

The building from the outside is in a familiar Japanese-style. The entrance is through the front gate and up the stone staircase.

The front door. If we open the gate in the back...

...we find this small area. Perfect for hanging out your washing to dry. A door in the living room also opens out here.

Let’s go inside, shall we. Shoe lockers are on the right and straight ahead we see a wide hallway and a staircase.

You’ll feel like you’re in a hotel in this luxurious living room!

The living and dining rooms are on the right side of the front entrance. Since there is no door separating the hallway and common-use area, opportunities to meet the other tenants will increase.

This is the living room. The vermillion-colored walls and warmth of the lighting are a perfect match, creating a profound ambiance.

In stark contrast, the dining room is bright with white lighting as well as natural light coming in from outside to create a cheery atmosphere.

Having more than enough space for 7 people living here is quite attractive.

With sunlight pouring in from the window there is no need to use the lights during the day.

The soft, comfortable sofa comes with equally soft cushions! With these you can spend your time relaxing all day.

Continuing on, let’s take a more indepth look at the dining area. There is no actual boundary separating it from the living room, but comes equipped with a kitchen and dining table.

The dining table is made from a single piece of wood 2m in length, able to seat all of the tenants at one time.

The kitchen. It’s triangular in shape but the space is used well with shelving in the corner.

The kitchen.

The bathroom complete with a tub for bathing in.

The 2F. Like the 1F, a stand alone washstand has been installed.

7 Rooms with great layouts

The private rooms, each with 5-6 tatami mats (7.65-9.18m²), can be arranged to the tenants desires. This is room 101.

Room 201.

Room 203.

The 2F verandah. There is space for drying clothes here.

Managing this house is Come on UP, who look after more than 20 properties in the metropolitan area, and as the relationship of the staff and tenants is a close one everyday seems to be fun. The management style is based around the tenants, and work together with them sharing ideas to establish a good community.

There is a foreign member of staff, and also many foreign tenants (the ratio differs between properties) which will appeal to those seeking intercultural communication. They recently opened a property in the Kansai area, and I personally hope that maybe one day they’ll branch out overseas.

The property we looked at today is primarily made up of hand-made designs resulting from the staff throwing around ideas together. Bringing out the best of a pre-existing building is actually quite a delicate process, and getting it just right must have taken much trial and error.

Grab a book you don’t usually read and indulge your thoughts soaking in the atmosphere of the neighborhood and interior design. This kind of place will naturally make you want to spend your time this way

Open a window and feel the pleasant night breeze. Autumn is on its way.

/Author: Kagawa

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