A share house in Omiya just for girls.

Today we stopped by Share Tink, a female-exclusive share house in Omiya. It is a house run by females, for females, prioritizing a fun lifestyle for the tenants over profit and creating an environment in which girls can get together and enjoy life. There is a spacious living room designed by an architect acquaintance for everyone to hang out in and a bathtub to go with the cute, girly bathroom sinks. This is a share house for the girls in Omiya that is sure to come alive with girl’s talk.

「Share Tink Omiya」House Details Page


There is no doubt that everyone will want to hang out in the living space on the 1F, designed by an architect acquaintance with a big sofa and dining room table.


Bathroom washstands located in the middle of the 1F. Girls will go crazy for these cute washstand and mirrors. You’re bound to get chatting in here every morning as you dry your hair.


The exterior with a light purple wall.

There are personal mailboxes to the side of the front door.

The red and white boxes are very cute.

Inside there is a wide, spacious hallway.

Girls with a lot of shoes will be happy to know that there is a huge shoe storage closet.

Looking in at the hallway from the living room. On the other side of the door on the left is the bathroom.

There is a washing machine in the dressing room area.

The giant bathtub. You can submerge yourself all the way down.

Many girls can use this bathroom at the same time.

At the moment it’s almost halloween.

The toilet is pink in color.

There is a chandelier in the hallway. How luxurious.

The living and dining room. The furniture is all black.

The dining table.

The tenant communication book is also a cute pink.

The kitchen.

Electric stove with 3 burners.

Wine glasses displayed in the cupboard.

There are lockers and a humidifier in the area between the kitchen and dining room.

There is a locker for each tenant to use.

General kitchen appliances are all provided. Here is the microwave oven.

A table and sofa in front of the television.

One corner of the living room with a brilliant floor rug.

The curtains are handmade by the owner.

The ceiling is high and opens up the room.

The lighting design is very cute.

Going up to the 2F it is very bright with a large window near the landing.

A room on the 2F.

The desk and chair furnishings come together in pink and black.

These curtains are also made by the owner.

Part of the dormitory. I was told the arrangement of the room will be decided together with the tenants who move in.

Stylish lamp lighting.

The room also comes with a hanging rack.

The 3F bathroom.

With its decorative plants the 3F bathroom offers a relaxed atmosphere.

A staff member there to support the tenants working hard to achieve their dreams.


Omiya is in a very good location connected by both bullet train and regular train lines, and there must be a lot of people wanting to live here instead of in the city with the area around the station flourishing. Even though the number of share houses are increasing, there still aren’t that many in Omiya and, as I was told, this company is concerned with providing a comfortable environment to live in rather than immediate profit and Share Tink in particular has more space to move around in than other share houses. With feminine touches around the whole house it really has been built with the female sex in mind and women will love to gather, chat and spend their days here together. Of course, the location is the main drawcard. The house will become a second home to those working or studying in not just Saitama, but also the city and great for longer commutes to Ibaraki, Gunma and Tochigi. The staff here want to help and support young woman and just be there to lend an ear.


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