Starting Point of the International Exchange

With the development of LCC airplanes and such, these days, we can feel closer to the rest of the world than ever before. But in reality, with each day crammed with work and little time for anything else, there are few chances to go overseas. Or perhaps, without immunity, taking off to a foreign country is just unsettling. 

It's to these people that we'd like to present this share house: Flat Share KOIWA Campus. This share house has recently opened with the purpose of promoting international exchanges, and now it seems many foreign residents are already living here. For those of you thinking “I'd like to trying working, or living overseas, but...”, this place might give you a push in the right direction.

Now then, let's take a look at the rooms!

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The Outside View

It seems this building was previously used as a Japanese language school, but this time, it's been transformed into a share house. 

Here's the entrance. Here you can take off your shoes and change into some comfortable slippers. 

If you look up from the entryway, here's what you'll see. The house is 4 stories tall, with rooms from the 2nd floor up. 

By the way, this is the area around Koiwa Station. There's a large general store here, as well. With this environment, we don't think you'll have any trouble getting your necessities. 

The International Exchange Lounge

When you come in, the lounge is the first thing you'll notice. 

When you come home, you have to pass through the lounge on the way to your room. With this setup, before heading back to your room, you might take a seat on the couch, and maybe even get caught up conversation with the other residents.

The sofas are arranged around the television. Here you can watch the news, and maybe have a little fun sharing Japanese culture. 

Here's the dining table.  It's got a very modern color scheme, with red and black chairs.

The walls are decorated with some small plants and pictures. Somehow, the dash of green puts your heart at ease.

The kitchen is a simple arrangement, so it's convenient if you want to finish up your cooking without hassle. 

This is the sink. It's not very big, so residents should make sure to wash their dishes right away, to keep them from piling up.

There are IH cookers lined up on the kitchen table. 

Spices and other seasonings can be stored at room temperature, so they're kept in these boxes.

Let's head to the back of the lounge. All of the washing machines are set up back here. 

Here we have the powder room. It can be used by up to 4 people at a time. 

This is the shower room. 

Now, let's take a look at the upstairs rooms. The stairwell is accented by stained glass. 

Separated by unit, individual rooms emphasizing privacy 

The rooms on the 2nd-4th floors are divided into separate units. With three people to one unit, you're guaranteed your privacy. 

Here you can see room 201. You're assured a spacious size of at least 7 tatami. The big window is one of its best features. 


Once you climb the stairs, this is what you'll see. The door pictured is towards the front, but in the back, you've got three rooms set up individually. 


This is the view from the hallway. There's quite a bit of space between rooms, so rest assured that you can have your privacy. 

Additionally, each unit provides you with a toilet and a sink. 

The room itself is quite simple, but a key characteristic is the fact that each room is equipped with a refrigerator. You may be pleased that you don't need to worry about losing your food.

Aside from that, each room is supplied with a desk. Here, you can read a book, or do a bit of work.

By the way, you have a view of the entrance from rooms 206 and 306, so you'll be able to see who's coming home. 

Flat Share KOIWA Campus is managed by Flat Share Co. Ltd., a company dedicated to creating an environment where Japanese people and foreign students can connect. Since this is a place for Japan to unite with overseas, the description is also in English.

Furthermore, you can get to Akihabara Station in just 16 minutes, and Tokyo Station in 20. The easy access is an attractive feature, especially for those working in the city.

There aren't many places that offer opportunities for international relations, but living here, it just becomes natural. There are also residents from Taiwan, so for those of you seriously considering studying Chinese, you might consider a language exchange. Working hard and studying foreign languages together might be fun, don't you think?

 Your experiences here may be all you need to set foot out into the world. If more people felt this way, the world just might grow a little more.

/Author: Sekino

Flat Share KOIWA Campus
House DetailFlat Share KOIWA Campus
Area Tokyo-To, Edogawa-Ku, Kita Koiwa 2
Rent ¥32,000 ~ ¥57,000
JR Soubu line Koiwa station 8 minutes
Condition Male, Female


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