Let's go buy some tea cakes.

A brick house that looks like something out of an American movie or a wooden structure that looks like something out of a Japanese folktale. If the focus is on living in a house, many people would probably choose the latter. After all, we are Japanese, and the feeling of wood makes us feel gentle and at ease.

This time, we'd like to show you an old private house share house "Naka naka," a good old Japanese wooden house that would look great with rice crackers and Japanese sweets.

It was originally used as a warehouse, but they've revitalized it as a women's only share house with added comfort by equipping it with the latest appliances and facilities, while retaining the charm and quality of the facility.

The "Naka naka" is a 12 minute walk from the nearest station, Nerima, and has only 6 households. The name "Naka naka" was chosen by adding "ningben(イ)" to the character for "naka(中)" in Toyotamachu, which is the address, to mean gathering of people(仲).

In addition, Mr. Yokoyama is also involved in a project to revitalize classical private homes, and in order to bring the revitalization of old private homes to as many people as possible, he held a workshop to convert the "Naka naka" with a total of 17 people taking part. Everyone enjoyed the painting experience and other experiences that broadened their horizons.

This is a place that has been touched by the hands of many people. I have a feeling that along with a peaceful heart, good human relations and a relaxed lifestyle await.

So this time, we'll be looking at an old private house share house with a good classical-fashioned "nostalgia" feeling, "Naka naka". So let's take a quick look.

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classical private house x Stylish living room

The first thing we would like to show you is the main living space, which is located straight ahead through the entrance.

It is divided into three main areas, with the entrance on the far left in the photo. There is a space for watching TV, a resting area near the edge, and a stylish kitchen space.

The ingenious idea at the time of the conversion was to make sure the retro furniture matched the atmosphere of the classical private house. They reused items from the warehouse days as much as possible, and for other items as much as possible, they tried to find furniture that would not spoil the old private house feel.

It must have been difficult to find furniture with a stylish design that would not detract from the retro feel of the old house, and I can only imagine how much effort it must have taken to put the furniture together.

The warm-colored lighting is perfect for the retro look of the furnishings. The lighting was designed with warm orange and other warm colors in mind. When you visit, we hope you will take note of the lighting that creates a sense of nostalgia and coziness.

A sofa in front of the TV.

It is a space that looks like it could seat about three people.

The lighting is also stylish.

This one, which looks like the latest café, is a kitchen.


A stylish kitchen that is ready to drop in.

The kitchen is located on the far side of the living room. It is quite open.

It's a very stylish space, so I just thought, "Is this really a kitchen?" I thought to myself.

There's a large window and a porch on the opposite side, so it's possible to cook in a refreshing mood.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a rice cooker, microwave, and refrigerator, so you don't have to prepare your own food, which is much more convenient than living alone.

And there are about three places to sit at the table in the front. If you want to spend time in such a place, you might want to prepare some stylish snacks and drinks, sit at the counter, and talk with each other without losing track of time.

Dishes and cups in the kitchen.

Since this is a three-family property, there seems to be plenty of tableware.

These are popular Barmuda products.

The kitchen area was all in black and white, giving it a chic look.

A view of the sink. Kitchen space reminiscent of a hotel.

It was overflowing with cleanliness.

The IH stove is also cool. Even the cutting board and kitchen utensils are unified in black.

You can feel the attention to detail to create a calm atmosphere.


A private room on the second floor, healed by the scent of wood.

A staircase just off the entrance leads up to the private room. Like the living room, the private room has an impressive large window.

This room has a slight scent of wood. I was impressed by the natural aroma that pervades the room, without the need for room aroma.

The room design is also very simple. There is a refrigerator, a cooler, and a bed, but I imagine that only the bare necessities are provided. If you want a desk, chair, chest of drawers, etc., you will have to get them yourself. It will be fun to arrange your own furniture and sundries to match the old house.

This is room 202. The hanger rack is stylish.

The advantage is that you can easily see your clothes. It will be easy to get ready in the morning.

It's nice to wake up to the sun.

The large windows will help you wake up naturally.


Teleworking with a view of the garden, too.

This garden was originally as rough as a jungle. LOL!

With the cooperation of many people, the garden has undergone a major renovation and has been transformed into this garden. It is said that it can be lit up at night, so you can enjoy a different view from the daytime.

The chairs and desks in the living room seem to be equipped with electrical outlets in various places, so even teleworkers can work while looking at this garden through their screens.

It looks like you can work more stress-free than you can at a cafe or in your own room.

Private floor on the second floor. The hallway is a little narrow.

The room tags are said to have been reused from the original ones.

The type of bird is written on it.

Toilets are located on the first floor and are shared.

The fact that this is a western style rather than a Japanese style is very much appreciated.

 You can feel the feel of an classical private house.

Apart from this bathroom, they also have other shower rooms.

Washing machine and washbasin. The washing machine is a drum type.


 Bringing a touch of "nostalgia" to your new life.

When actually stepping inside the old private house share house "Naka naka," it was hard to believe that it was a classical private house, but rather a modern and fashionable property. The contrast between the traditional atmosphere of the classical and the modern appliances and equipment was most impressive, and although it doesn't make any unnecessary claims, it's a share house that makes the most of its individual qualities, giving the impression of careful attention to detail.

To put it another way, the house still retains the classical and unique flavor of a classical private house, but some people may feel that the flavor of a classical private house has been left behind too much. If you are considering moving in, it would be a good idea to take a look around the house to make sure you get a good feel for the property, including the exterior.

YOKOYAMA HOZEN, the owner of this old private house share house, says that his motto is not to pursue commercial profit, but rather to carefully create something better with the people with whom he has a relationship. The Naka House was completed with the help of acquaintances and friends.

The large garden over the porch and the Kyoto-like construction will make many people feel nostalgic and at ease, and it's no exaggeration to say that this share house was completed thanks to the accumulated wisdom, experience, efforts, and thoughts of many people, including the workshops held in preparation for the completion of the facility. It's no exaggeration to say that this share house was completed through the wisdom, experience, efforts, and thoughts of many people. It seems as if a sense of serenity continues to pervade the residents' daily lives.

The classical house may be pleased to have someone who is looking for a relaxing Japanese-style space away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo live in it. I think it is a rare experience to spend time in such a place where people gather and enjoy living in a house where they can feel warmth. Only in a "Naka naka". 

/Author : Aya, Photo : Yuki

Naka naka
House DetailNaka naka
Area 3, Toyotama-chu, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
Seibu Ikebukuro Line Nerima station 12-minute walk.
Seibu Ikebukuro Line Sakuradai Station 16-minute walk.
Condition Female
Now fully occupied


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